Jenn and Bill's Garden-Inspired Wedding at Cielo's Garden

Ah, Jenn and Bill’s wedding day. It was SUCH a good day. Late August (the day before my birthday, in fact!) is a gooood time for a wedding because it’s not QUITE as hot as the rest of summer and the weather is basically always perfect. Except that it actually rained throughout the evening of their wedding - which I’m telling you, has NEVER HAPPENED ON MY BIRTHDAY BEFORE. So I may or may not have told them that they’d have perfect weather and I may or may not have come out looking like a liar.

BUT, this garden-inspired wedding at Cielo’s Garden was one of my favourites of the year. A unique take on a purple palette with some of the most subtle combinations (you’ve heard me say before that I think ultra-violet is one of the most offensive colours of all time but this? This take on purple was gooooood), flowers literally everywhere, and a light and airy feel that just made this wedding feel special. I would happily re-live this day over and over again!

Moore Photography (plus some of my iphone photos)~ Amanda Douglas Events ~ Cielo’s Garden ~ Cocoa Beans Bakeshop ~ C&T Rentals

Garden-Inspired Wedding at Cielo's Garden - Stone House Creative
Mauve and Lavender Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg

This bridal bouquet was one of my favourites! I felt like it was such a unique take on the colour palette and I really, really loved the combination that I got to use. The colour and texture depths were really lovely.

Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: early grey roses, menta roses, amnesia roses, pink stock, white larkspur, locally grown white sweet pea, black pearl lisianthus (drool!) and scabiosa, with mixed eucalyptus and foaged foliages. I finished it with this gorgeous mauve Stella Wolfe ribbon that I’d been hoarding all year.

Mauve Wedding Flower Ideas - Cielo's Garden Weddings

Working with Jenn was one of the best experiences I’ve had as a wedding floral designer. Why? Because she trusted me SO much. She loved my style, and she knew that with her busy life AND the fact that she doesn’t live in Winnipeg anymore, she decided to just hand over the reigns and chose not to worry about anything. That made this wedding a dream for both her and me! Outside of just flowers, she asked me for vendor recommendations (helllloooooo gluten free desserts!!) and when I suggested that she consider hiring a month-of wedding coordinator, she trusted me on that, too. I actually always recommend that couples getting married at a venue like Cielo’s Garden, where there isn’t a banquet coordinator on-site (like you’d find at a hotel or a golf course), always hire at least a month-of coordinator. There’s no need for you to have to run your entire reception when you could be enjoying it!

Is there such a thing as TOO much trust? Ha! Jenn trusted me so much that she actually didn’t bother to review her flower order because she knew that I had it all under control…except she forgot that she had added a bridesmaid since the last time we talked! 😂There were a few stressful moments when that was figured out - I was working on the ceremony instal in the chapel and the wedding coordinator asked where the 5th bridesmaid bouquet was. “What 5th bridesmaid?” was my response. It actually worked out really well - I stopped working on the chapel instal, the couple did their first look photos in the chapel, and I took flowers out of the buckets that were ear-marked for the ceremony arch and sat on the ground outside and whipped together another bouquet! Ironically, that was the one day I chose to take extra ribbon OUT of my tool bag since I wouldn’t need it, but the wedding coordinator had some bits and pieces that I could use. By the time the first look photos were finished, so was that bouquet! I was also very sweaty - ha!

Lavender and Blush Wedding Flowers - Winnipeg Wedding Flowers
Deconstructed Wedding Ceremony Arch - Garden Inspired Wedding at Cielo's Garden

I’m sure you could guess without too much effort why this ceremony design was one of my favourites of the entire year! I always love coming up with different ideas to implement for ceremony spaces, and especially when it’s such a beautifully blank canvas as Cielo’s Garden is. Creating a freestanding, deconstructed arch had been on my design wishlist for a while after seeing some similar styles on Instagram, so when I suggested it to Jenn, I was pretty pumped that she loved the idea. She really let me just do whatever I wanted! I decided to use the same ingredients as the bouquets (which was very lucky when I had to create that extra bridesmaid bouquet!).

Romantic Weddings at Cielo's Garden - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
Copper and Rose Gold Wedding Decor - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg

The reception was also full of beautiful things! Literally flowers everywhere! I was so impressed with the level of detail that Jenn brought considering that she lived out of town throughout the entire planning. The gorgeous rose gold and copper place setting details were from C&T Rentals and though you can’t see it too well, the vases that the centrepieces were in are also copper, which I felt really complemented the floral palette nicely! We also tucked in flowers throughout the guest book table are, the bar, and of course, on the cake. I am a bit of a fan of flowers, flowers, everywhere :) And then they also brought the ceremony arrangements and placed them behind the head table, which looked so pretty!

Garden-Inspired Wedding Centrepieces - Stone House Creative
Cielo's Garden Weddings - Stone House Creative

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Kristen and Ryan's Perfect Summer Wedding at Cielo's Garden

Kristen and Ryan’s summer wedding at Cielo’s Garden was, in a word, PERFECT. It was perfect! And I had so, so much fun planning, dreaming up, and designing these flowers. Kristen always wanted a rich, vibrant summer colour palette but a few months before the wedding, she changed it up a bit to make it even moreso - and let’s talk about how excited I was! This woman obviously has great style and it wasn’t hard at all to see her vision. It was an honour to bring it to life!

Photos: Rachwal Photography ~ Month of Coordination: Alexandra Lillian Weddings & Events ~ Venue: Cielo’s Garden ~ Catering: Urban Prairie Cuisine ~ Dress: Chic Nostalgia from Bliss Bridal Boutique

Summer Wedding at Cielo's Garden - Stone House Creative
Coral and Orange Wedding Flowers - Winnipeg Wedding Florist
Coral Garden Rose Wedding Bouquet - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg

This bouquet. Oh, this bouquet! I just LOVED putting it together. Each and every stem was just perfect. Shades of coral, peach, mixed berry pinks, orange, and a hint of yellow with rich, jewel toned greenery came together as the perfect colour combination for this vibrant, summer wedding - and looked phenomenal with the guys’ blue suits and the girls’ forest green gowns. Even better, most of these flowers were locally grown!

Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: garden roses, zinnias, lisianthus, scabiosa, strawflower, sweet pea, asters, and phlox with italian ruscus, nagi, and jasmine vine.

Garden Rose and Zinnia Bouquet - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg
The Cube Wedding Photos - Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

The Cube has never looked so good :)

Wedding Flowers Winnipeg - Coral and Peach Bridal Bouquet
Organic Bridal Bouquet - Winnipeg's Best Wedding Florist
Cielo's Garden Wedding - Stone House Creative

When Kristen changed her colour palette, she also changed the plan for the ceremony design. I can’t even remember what the original plan was…this was just THAT MUCH BETTER. She had an inspiration picture that was built off an arch structure, so I had some serious figuring to do in terms of the mechanics and how to make this big beast work - it’s actually several different pieces designed together. We kept the vibrant colour palette going here to make a major statement in the otherwise very neutral chapel: orange, coral, peach, berry pinks, and TONS OF GREENERY. Doesn’t it look so good? (PS this was a SUPER hot day and making this baby resulted in a lot of sweat. I actually sweat through my entire bra that day 😂)

Weddings at Cielo's Garden - Winnipeg Wedding Flowers
Weddings at Cielo's Garden - Top Wedding Florist in Winnipeg
Clear Top Tent Weddings - Cielo's Garden Weddings

Seeing this much colour in the tent at Cielo’s Garden brought a LOT of happiness into my life. I feel like we normally see a lot of soft, feminine tones or rustic wood tones here and while those both look really good here, one of the things I love the most about Cielo’s is that it’s so easily adaptable to any colour palette and almost any style. Kristen ordered these dusty rose table runners online and they added a really nice layer of texture to the tables.

We focused the florals on one large arrangement per table, designed in my favourite copper bowls. Aside from the greenery, these arrangements were actually 100% locally grown - woohoo! That always makes me SO happy - I love that I can be supporting a local farmer, while minimizing our environmental impact. Not needing to ship flowers in means not needing a large amount of fuels to trek those flowers across the world. Plus, local flowers are just more special!

Cielo's Garden Wedding - Stone House Creative
Garden Inspired Wedding Centrepieces - Winnipeg Wedding Florists
Coral and Pink Bridal Bouquet - Winnipegs Best Wedding Florist

Kristen, thank you so much for choosing me to carry out your vision! It was such a thrill to be a part of your wedding day.

Wedding Photographers in Winnipeg - Winnipeg Wedding Photos
Cielo's Garden Wedding - Wedding Photographers in Winnipeg

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Getting married in Manitoba? Whether it's a whimsical garden party inspired celebration or a formal ballroom fete, I think flowers are the best way to make a statement at your wedding. Maybe you already have a specific vision or you might want me to dream up something custom just for you - either way, reach out to Stone House Creative for stunning bridal bouquets, truly unique ceremony backdrops, and beautiful floral centrepieces to create the perfect ambiance for your wedding! 

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Lise and Brad's Dreamy Brunch Wedding

I cannot tell you all enough how awesome Lise and Brad's dreamy brunch wedding at Cielo's Garden was. It was on a Sunday morning in late May, and they clearly spent a lot of time identifying what was important to them because every little bit of their wedding was impeccable - but it wasn't the typical wedding! First of all, brunch. BRUNCH, people! The menu (catered by Stella's) looked phenomenal, the donut bar smelled unbelievable (I didn't really care for donuts much before I had to go gluten-free, and now? Now I want them all the time), and so many more details that went into creating a whimsical, enjoyable atmosphere. 

Ariana Tennyson Photography ~ Cielo's Garden ~ Stella's ~ Bronuts

Dreamy Brunch Wedding at Cielo's Garden - Stone House Creative
Baby's Breath Floral Crown - Whimsical Wedding Flowers

Lise had beautiful ideas for her wedding. When she first inquired about her wedding date, she described her dream wedding as a whimsical garden party, based off the midsummer celebrations in Scandinavian countries. Her ideal would have been to have a Maypole - and I loved it all! She had a soft palette of light corals and peaches, with lots of whites and greens. She wanted to keep her personal flowers on the lighter side, and bring in those corals and peaches in the decor. So, we kept her bouquets all white and green, tucked a bit of peach into her flower crown, and had a little more fun with the colours in the decor flowers. 

Bridal bouquet ingredients: We kept Lise's bouquet VERY simple. White ranunculus and white peonies were the only blooms, while olive foliage, spiral eucalyptus, silver dollar eucalyptus, and leather leaf fern rounded it out.

White Peony Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
White and Green Wedding Bouquet - Peony Bridal Bouquet
Greenery Bridesmaid Bouquets - Winnipeg Wedding Florists
Baby's Breath Flower Crowns - Whimsical Wedding Flowers
Weddings at Cielo's Garden - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg

We weren't originally going to add any flowers to the chapel, so as to keep the focus on a hanging installation planned for the reception tent, but as we got closer to the wedding, Lise's vision changed. She asked me to come up with something that would tie it all together and feel fitting. You'll read more about the Maypole-inspired design I planned for the reception a little further down, but for the ceremony, I decided to keep it along the same vein while changing it up a bit. Knowing Lise loves a whimsical feel, I thought that hanging strands of flowers and ribbons would be a simple backdrop for the ceremony that would pack a lot of visual punch. And I LOVE the way it came together. Simply hung, in several shades of peach, pink and coral, the ribbon streamers and carnation strands were a cost-effective option that looked amazing!

Hanging Strands of Flowers - Wedding Ceremony at Cielo's Garden
Weddings at Cielo's Garden - Stone House Creative
Hanging Ribbon and Flower Backdrop - Whimsical Wedding Flower Inspiration
Cielo's Garden Wedding - Cost-Effective Wedding Decor

Over at the reception, Lise wanted to keep the guest tables on the simpler side so that we could have a lot of fun with a focal point: I chose to do a fun floral chandelier positioned over the head table, as a sort of take on a Maypole design. We obviously couldn't add a full Maypole into the tent, but I thought this was a pretty cool way to interpret it! There is something about hanging, dripping flowers that I just LOVE so I couldn't have been happier with the way this piece became the focal point for the room. I chose to alternate strands of carnations, strands of roses, and ribbon streamers. The guest tables were kept really simple, with stem vases lining the tables with alternating stems of pink and peach blooms or greenery sprigs.

Hanging Floral Chandelier - Winnipeg Wedding Flowers
Hanging Floral Chandelier - Cielo's Garden Wedding
Maypole Inspired Wedding Flowers - Cielo's Garden Weddings

Here's the original sketch I dreamed up to convince Lise that this would be a cool idea :) 

Maypole Inspired Wedding Flowers - Hanging Floral Chandelier
Winnipeg Wedding Photographer - Winnipeg Wedding Florists

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Getting married in Manitoba? Whether it's a whimsical garden party inspired celebration or a formal ballroom fete, I think flowers are the best way to make a statement at your wedding. Maybe you already have a specific vision or you might want me to dream up something custom just for you - either way, reach out to Stone House Creative for stunning bridal bouquets, truly unique ceremony backdrops, and beautiful floral centrepieces to create the perfect ambiance for your wedding! 

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Stephanie and Andrew's Stylish, Organic Wedding at Cielo's Garden

Stephanie and Andrew were married mid-June in an incredibly stylish, organic wedding at Cielo's Garden. They live in Toronto, and it was clear to me from our first email exchanges that Steph has a gorgeous personal aesthetic so I was really excited to work with them. I think the biggest challenge was deciding on the colour palette - we started off with Steph telling me that she only wears black and gray, but wanting a bit more colour at the wedding. We thought about lots of terracotta accents (which were eventually removed from the plan), and ended up tucking in a bit of mauves to the loose palette of peaches, plum, apricot, dusty greens, and earth tones.

I worked on their event design along with their floral design, though we ended up doing a bit of a hybrid design package as a result of the features of the venue as it is. You don't need to bring in a lot to make Cielo's gorgeous!

Photos: Ariana Tennyson ~ Floral and Event Design: Stone House Creative ~ Venue: Cielo's Garden ~ Day of Coordination: Melanie Parent Events ~ Catering: Chef Ben Kramer ~ Stationery: Everly True ~ Hair: Mallory at Prep Hair ~ Makeup: Tina at Myuz Makeup ~ Officiant: Colleen Olafson

Stylish, Organic Wedding Flowers - Winnipeg Wedding Florist

Head's up: there are a LOT of really good flower photos from this wedding, and I'm just going to share them all. Sorrynotsorry.

Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: cappucino roses, amnesia roses, ranunculus, scabiosa, iris, flowering ninebark, freesia, magnolia, boxwood, and ruscus. I finished it with a touch of mocha toned  silk ribbon from Tono & Co.

Earth Toned Wedding Flowers - Stone House creative
Cappucino Rose wedding bouquet - Wedding Flowers winnipeg
Blush and Mocha Wedding - Stylish Wedding Flowers

The girls chose their bridesmaid dresses sort of at the last minute. The one thing Stephanie said at the beginning was that she didn't want them to wear blush 😂I absolutely love their choices - both dresses complemented Steph's so well and I love that they're obviously not "bridesmaid" dresses. They just look stylish.

Below is Stephanie's second dress of the night - see what great style she has?

Cielo's Garden Weddings - Wedding Photographers in Winnipeg
Cielo's Garden Wedding - Stone House Creative

They loved the hanging greenery pieces that I've done for other weddings, but asked that I sort of mimic the shape of the window. I really love how this one came together - we used several different types of greenery so it was really textured, and almost looked more like a living plant wall.

Cielo's Garden Weddings - Stem Vase Wedding Decor

Because of the features of the venue itself, Steph wanted to really load up the tables and make them look full, but also keep them really in keeping with the natural environment. With the clear walls and ceiling giving you 100% views of the woods around the tent, I think it's really important to suit the views with the design. Steph's personal preference was for nothing to look perfect, so I used several different types and cuts of glass vases (keeping them all in clear glass maintained the overall design integrity while bringing visual interest), and a mix of fuller arrangements, individual floral or greenery stems, and greenery arrangements.

Stephanie and Andrew dropped by the studio a couple days before the wedding and she saw my scraps jar, and really liked that - which I thought was hilarious. So, I made sure to add in lots of texture and dried "weedy" bits into the floral arrangements, and almost went a little haphazard with the greenery arrangements to keep them messy.

Winnipeg Event Designer - Stone House Creative
Garden Inspired Wedding Centrepieces - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg
Peach and Mauve Wedding Bouquet - Stone House Creative
Stylish Wedding at Cielo's Garden - Cielo's Garden Weddings

Looking for a wedding florist in Winnipeg?

Getting married in Manitoba? I might be biased, but flowers are the best way to make a statement at your wedding. Whether you already have a specific vision or want me to dream up something custom just for you, reach out to Stone House Creative for stunning bridal bouquets, truly unique ceremony backdrops, and beautiful floral centrepieces to create the perfect ambiance for your wedding! 

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Tropical Greens at Cielo's Garden's Open House

I always love being a part of the Cielo's Garden Open House each year, for a number of reasons (you can see more from last year's by clicking here!).

First, the people there are wonderful. Carla and Diego (and their adorable daughter and cat) are truly great people, and I always enjoy spending time with them. The facility that they dreamed up and created is incredible. Each spring, when I arrive there for the first time of the year, I fall in love with the place all over again. The way the trees arch over the path in the woods, the sweet stone chapel, even the smell of the air out there - it's magical. The open house is also a great opportunity for me to meet up with some of my couples getting married there, walking through their wedding flower plans in the space in which they'll be, which helps the couple to visualize it so much better. 

And finally, the open house is also a chance for me to stretch my creative muscle and do something interesting. Carla recommends me as one of her preferred vendors, and to me, this gives me a responsibility to always be coming up with fresh design ideas so that each couples really feels like they're getting a unique wedding just for them. 

So for this year's open house design, I decided to feature my personal favourite colour: emerald green. I didn't want to just do the same old green that has been done time and time again, though - I felt the urge to play with a tropical vibe, which I've never done before, and chose to tie in some of my copper wedding rentals, which paired beautifully with the green and black accents. I was pleasantly surprised at all of the positive response I received on Instagram from the design, so I thought I'd share it here on the blog! The photos were all just taken on my phone, so forgive me for them not be stellar :) 

Venue: Cielo's Garden | Florals and Design: Stone House Creative | Place Setting Rentals: C&T Rentals | Silk Table Runner: Tono & Co

Copper and Green Wedding Decor - Wedding Florists Winnipeg
Tropical Greenery Wedding Decor - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg
Tropical Greenery Wedding Ideas - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
Tropical Wedding Flowers - Cielo's Garden Wedding
Copper Arch Wedding Ceremony Flowers - Stone House Creative