Moody Greenery Wedding at Cielo's Garden

Before I get started, here’s a fun fact: today is my 9th wedding anniversary!
No, I’m not that old! Chad and I got married the month before I turned 22, and we’ve been together since we were 16. So happy anniversary to us!

Nicole and Dave were such a delight to work with (do I say this about every couple I work with? ha!). Really, they were. Just so happy, relaxed, and excited for the wedding day. Nicole has an eye for design and had a beautiful, simple vision for their wedding that I was so happy to be a part of - she wanted something moody and different, and she said the magic words to me in her initial email: “we’d like something that no one has done before.”

Photos: Kassandra Donaldson | Wedding Coordination: Alexandra Lillian Weddings | Venue: Cielo’s Garden | Flowers: Stone House Creative

Moody Greenery Wedding at Cielo's Garden - Stone House Creative
White Peony Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg
White Peony and Anemone Bouquet by Winnipeg Wedding Florist Stone House Creative

Nicole wanted to keep things really simple - minimal in a moody way. She wanted the bouquet to be gardenesque and to let the flowers just do what they wanted.

Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: white peonies, anemones, white football mums, nagi foliage, Italian ruscus, and dusty miller. That’s it! The bridesmaids carried a simpler, smaller version of Nicole’s bouquet.

Moody Greenery Wedding - Cielo's Garden Weddings
Wild Greenery Wall for Ceremony Backdrop - Stone House Creative

Want to know something I LOVE? When a couple takes their portraits in the ceremony setting (when it’s been well designed and has amazing natural light). Obviously I’m designing that scene to be the perfect place for you and your partner to have a meaningful, beautiful place to share your vows in - but why not circle back a few minutes after the ceremony is over and take some stunning photos in this veritable garden that I’ve created for you? Or have your first look here? (if this is what you’re doing, you just need to make sure I know so that the ceremony instal is completed in time!). Or once your hair and makeup are ready, you and your photographer sneak into the chapel and take some BOMB bridal portraits? Nicole and Dave did this, and I am SO pumped about it.

This ceremony design was actually super simple. It was just greenery! Designed to look like it’s growing up the wall in a wild way, which fit really nicely with the setting given that we have all the greenery from the forest in view through the gorgeous windows at the Cielo’s chapel.

Greenery Wedding Ceremony Instal - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
White and Green Wedding Flowers - Winnipeg Wedding Florists
Clear Top Tent Wedding - Moody Greenery Wedding Decor

We kept the flowers at the reception pretty minimal as well but in keeping with the overall design, and also made some budget-friendly decisions. We started with 2 floral arrangements per table, keeping them smaller in size and with lower cost blooms like mums. If they were on the table by themselves, it might look a little too simple, right? So I loved that Nicole added a few pillar candles and grounded it all with this light blue cheesecloth table runner. It’s the little touches that make the difference!

White and Greenery Wedding Decor - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg
Moody Greenery Wedding - Winnipeg's Top Wedding Florist

Looking for a Wedding Floral and Event Designer in Winnipeg?

Whether you’re planning a whimsical garden-inspired celebration or a formal ballroom fete, I think flowers are the best way to make a statement at your wedding. Maybe you already have a specific vision or you might want me to dream up something custom just for you - either way, reach out to Stone House Creative for stunning bridal bouquets, truly unique ceremony backdrops, and beautiful floral centrepieces to create the perfect ambiance for your wedding!

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How to Maximize Your Wedding Flower Budget: Part 3

I wish that more people would ask me how to maximize their floral budgets! This goes hand in hand with saving money on your wedding flowers and making the best decisions for lower cost budgets. We can make some seriously good things happen if we make the right choices!

This is Part 3 in a 3 Part series on wedding flower budgets. We've already talked about How Much Wedding Flowers Cost in Manitoba, and Misconceptions about Wedding Flower Pricing. If you have any questions or thoughts about these topics, send me an email to and I'll try my best to address it!

1) Choose 1 focal area and keep the rest simple (bonus points if that focal piece can be used in both the ceremony and reception). 
It sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but seriously: spend a big chunk of your budget on one key piece and keep everything else simple. The theory behind this makes a lot of sense: one emphasized focal area does an amazing job of creating the ambiance that you're after. This could be an exaggerated hanging installation above the head table (like at Jynelle's wedding, which was also used for their ceremony!), or it could be a gorgeous, over-sized arrangement at a guest book or entrance table to welcome guests in. I've always wanted to do an incredible, statement-making design around a cake table, set in the middle of the room, so if that sounds like something you'd like, then email me! 

2) Use greenery, sparingly.
Fully bound garlands are pretty costly, because they take a lot of product, a lot of time, and because the designer always gets poked by the wire. Kidding ;) That doesn't get factored into the cost but I can't tell you how many times I have cursed a garland for making me bleed!

An awesome alternative is to lightly lay greenery down the tables. You still get that fresh green look while eliminating the high cost. For this wedding, I also included some flower "confetti" - loose blooms and petals tucked in with the greenery for some touches of colour.

3) Opt for bud vases or mini arrangements. 
Sometimes all a table needs is a pop of colour. In that case, you don't need to go over the top with a full floral arrangement (and sometimes, those long, rectangular harvest style tables don't even have enough space for a full floral arrangement!). A few bud vases clustered in the centre of a table featuring the accent colours in your palette will make just enough of a statement without breaking the bank. You can expect to spend $5-$15/stem vase. 

4) Use a coloured table linen. 
Okay, I realize that the table linens actually have nothing to do with the flowers, but this is one of the event design rules that I live by: the biggest impact you can make in a room is with the table linens. Why? They take up SO MUCH visual real estate, that they really set the tone for everything that you see. If you're on a lower flower budget, upgrade from the basic table linen (whether that's with a texture, a metallic, or a pop of colour) to make a statement in the room, and then your florals can be scaled back a bit. 

Flower Cost Comparisons

I thought I'd offer you some more specific pricing on some of the most popular wedding flowers and some lower cost alternatives that make for great substitutes!

Left: Peony | Right: Pink O'Hara Garden Rose
This may not be my wisest substitute, since garden roses are still costly flowers, but they are definitely the closest thing to a peony that you can get! Peonies usually range from $15-$18 per stem, while an O'Hara garden rose is a little more reliable at $10-$12 per stem.

Left: Juliet David Austin Garden Rose | Right: Peach Lisianthus
Yes, the garden rose is always going to be the king. But if you're just concerned about getting the right colour, then lisianthus could be a great substitute! The David Austin garden roses are a high-end, very carefully bred family of flowers that will ring in at about $18 per stem, while lisianthus will be more like $5-$7 per stem.

Left: Ranunculus | Right: Spray Roses
Everyone's favourite loonie-sized flower is ALWAYS a ranunculus, but they're pretty stinking expensive and not the most reliable. They have a hollow stem, which means they're more prone to rot. Often out of a bunch of 10, I'll only be able to use 5-7 blooms! This little baby will be around $7-$10 per stem, while the similarly sized and shaped spray rose (with a HUGE range of colours and usually 3-5 blooms per stem!) is a much easier to manage $5 per stem,

Hire an excellent wedding florist in Winnipeg!

Getting married in Manitoba? I might be biased, but flowers are the best way to make a statement at your wedding. Whether you already have a specific vision in mind or want me to dream up something custom just for you, reach out to Stone House Creative for stunning bridal bouquets, unique ceremony backdrops, and beautiful floral centrepieces to create the perfect ambiance for your wedding! 

Budget Friendly Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

When it comes to wedding planning, I know: it's expensive. Every part of a wedding is expensive, and flowers are no exception. So when you're looking for ways to save a little money, I've got a few ideas for budget-friendly centrepiece ideas for you. 

Many wedding venues don't allow for open flame on the tables, for two reasons: 1) fire hazards 2) wax drips. If your venue allows for open flame, then you've got the perfect option for your centrepieces: pillar candles with unique coasters or dishes, to catch that pesky wax. Pillar candles are inexpensive to buy (hello, Ikea!), and will burn for much longer than your reception requires. Adding a coaster underneath, unique to your style and aesthetic, is a great way to pull it all together. In this case, we used marble coasters but if you're craft in any way, you could DIY something with concrete, wood, leather, glass...almost anything! 

Candle Wedding Centrepiece - Budget Friendly Wedding Decor

Taper candles immediately elevate the look of a table, and I personally love coloured tapers to deepen your colour palette. Clustering 3-7 taper candles together at the centre of a table is such a simple, elegant look for a reception. Here, I've popped them into vintage brass candle holders (rented for just $0.50 each) along with a low-budget cylinder vase. Easy to set up, easy to clean up, and cost-effective! If you want to create your own taper holder, I love this super easy modelling clay candle holder tutorial!

Cheap Wedding Decor Ideas - Winnipeg Wedding Florist

I'm not sure when or why floating flowers were forgotten about as a great option for cost-effective centrepieces. This style is easily updated depending on your style or wedding date: a single floating peony in a glass vase for a springtime wedding, or a few bright blooms in a fun copper bowl like this one from my inventory. I've also taken lined a ceremony aisle with galvanized buckets, and popped a combination of bright flowers with floating candles in them. Look for a pretty container than suits your style and test out a few different flower options (not everything floats well!). 

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas - Budget Wedding Ideas


1) MIX AND MATCH: Alternate a higher cost centrepiece style with a lower cost centrepiece style to fit your overall budget. Just because you can't afford a $75+ arrangement on each of your guest tables doesn't mean you can't afford a total cost of $45 per table. You might alternate a fuller floral arrangement on half of your tables and something with candles on the other half of your tables.

2) WHEN IN DOUBT, KEEP IT SHORT: Floral arrangements that are short will almost always be more budget-friendly. The taller your centrepieces are, the more flowers that you'll need to create visual balance, and make a statement. So if you're on a tighter budget but want flowers on your tables, ask your floral designer to keep them low to the tables. 

3) SINGLE-VARIETY ARRANGEMENTS: Keep centrepiece costs lower selecting arrangements that feature just one type of flower. An arrangement composed solely of stock is going to be more budget-friendly than a  vase of roses, tulips, and stock. Why? Because all flowers come in bunches of 5, 10, or 25 stems and the more bunches that are ordered, the better wholesale price your floral designer gets on them. In most cases, it's also a lot quicker to design with just one type of flower than it is to work with several varieties.

4) STEM VASES ARE YOUR FRIEND: If you're looking to make a statement but want to keep you budget in line, ask your floral designer for stem vase options. You can cluster a few of these together with mini arrangements or single stems in each in the centre of a round table, or space out several stem vases down the length of a long table.

5) DON'T UNDERESTIMATE FOLIAGE: Just like stem vases are your friend, foliage is your FRIEND with a capital F. Some varieties of greenery are more expensive than others, but you'll always get WAY more of out 1 bunch of foliage than you will 1 bunch of flowers. A few stems of wispy greenery arching down the centre of a long table is beautiful, or a vase filled with foliage-only could make a unique and vibrant centrepiece. 

Looking for more decor ideas for your wedding? Check these out!