How to Choose a Gorgeous Wedding Colour Palette

Your colour palette is one of the most important things when it comes to the visual experience of your wedding, and there are a number of things to consider when you're first choosing the right combination. I'm going to briefly walk you through a few of the top things to consider, and then tell you where I think a lot of couples go wrong. 

1) Your venue. Let's face it, a lot of venues have some BIZARRE and very noticeable colour palettes already going on. Purple and orange carpet, anyone? I've seen it (at more than one venue...barf). You definitely have to keep the built-in colour palette of your venue in mind when selecting your colour combination.

2) Your favourite colours! Are you drawn to warm tones or cool tones? Neutrals or bright colours? Do you like contrasting colours or complimentary colours? Pulling out a colour wheel is a great way to identify some possible accent colours. Check out this post for some great help.

3) How you can tie these together in a way that is unique, interesting, and not boring? Like all trends, colour combinations tend to go in cycles. And like everything that pops up on Pinterest, most colour combinations become VERY overdone. That doesn't mean these colours aren't just means that the chances of your wedding looking a LOT like everyone else's are pretty high. Take, for example, navy/blush/gold. It's a great combination, but because of how overused it is, it doesn't lend anything personal or unique to your wedding style.

Okay, so what is it that I find most people do wrong when it comes to choosing a gorgeous wedding colour palette? They play it too safe! There's no need for you to stick to just 1 or 2 colours, or a palette which is predictable, or sticking to a combination that is overly seasonal (you don't need to use only white and green in winter...just do whatever you want!). 


Don't be afraid to expand on your colour palette to find the right accents.

1. Take the colour palette progression photos above as an example. I started with a pretty basic colour palette: white and green. Now, there's nothing wrong with white and green but it's really hard to make a white and green bouquet different from the last white and green bouquet. 

2. So, I added in a touch of burgundy foliage and berries. This added a bit of depth and texture at the same time, but it's not too much and if you're a bit afraid of colour, this is a great level for you. 

3. Now, if you're ready to go a touch farther, layer in a bit of soft pink. This can be just an accent, or it can be bolder, too. Bonus points if your pink blooms have a touch of that burgundy tone, like the centre of these gorgeous lisianthus. 

4. And finally, if the idea of adding in colour doesn't stress you out, then just go for it: add in some yellow. In almost every palette, I find that a delicate hint of yellow brings life and excitement. 


Here's another example, with a fall palette! 

If you're unsure of how to develop your wedding colour palette, flowers are a great place to work in accent colours without needing to have different tones splashed throughout the decor. And if you need a second opinion or some different suggestions, I'd love to talk with you. 

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Bright and Colourful Summer Wedding at The Qualico Centre

Brittine and Jeff got married on my birthday. And I'll tell you what, guys: my birthday is at the end of August and it always has THE BEST weather. So basically, I'm a good luck charm. When we first met, Brittine told me she couldn't decide between a bright and colourful wedding palette, or, in her words, "a blush palette like every other basic white bride." I laughed, and then asked her to please, as a birthday present to me, choose to go with a bright colour palette. Mission accomplished.

Photos: JP Media Works | Coordination: Amanda Douglas Events | Linens and Rentals: Planned Perfectly | Venue: Qualico Family Centre

Peach and Burgundy Wedding Flowers - Stone House Creative

I'm definitely a colour lover. I know that bright colour can be tricky to use at a wedding, and some people are afraid to really go for it (I'll be honest...I'm often one of those people!). But Brittine was not afraid! Her bridesmaids were wearing several different shades of blue, so for her flowers, we chose peach, burgundy, coral, orange, and greens. I LOVED it. 

Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: dahlias, zinnias, gomphrena, cosmos, garden roses, stock, solidago, succulents, and boxwood.

Peach and Burgundy Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg
Vibrant Wedding Flowers - Summer Wedding in Winnipeg
Dog Flower Collar - Wedding Ideas with Dogs

Brittine and Jeff have two rambunctious dogs and I made these bright floral dog collars for them. They were so cute!

The reception was at the Qualico Family Centre in Assiniboine Park. I designed two different centrepiece styles, one with a large potted plant and mini floral arrangements, and the other with a larger floral arrangements and mini potted succulents. It came together really cute and was perfect for summer!

Qualico Family Centre Wedding - Winnipeg Wedding Flowers
Potted Plant centrepiece idea - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
Winnipeg Wedding Photographer - Weddings in Winnipeg

The Perfect Spring Wedding Flowers

Around this time of year, I always get restless. Well, let's be honest. Restlessness sets in as soon as January 1 has come and gone and I'm just good and ready for all the snow to MELT ALREADY. My grandpa used to say, "If I can just make it through January, I'll be just fine." That's how I feel about both January and February. I love living in Winnipeg and I love having 4 distinct seasons, but I could do with a lot less winter. 

Needless to say, I've been craving spring (I know I'm not the only one out here on the prairies feeling that way). And with a desire to get working and get my hands dirty, combined with a particularly stressful week, I headed off to my wholesaler to pick up anything with colour. And so, here we are: the perfect spring wedding flowers. 

I also thought I'd break this down into a few steps, to show you a bit of the behind-the-scenes of how I work! (although, I designed this in my kitchen and my studio is NOT as beautiful as this is, ha!)

Ingredients: green viburnum (yeah baby!), peach spray roses, white lisianthus, skimmia, calcynia, sprengeri fern, peach Icelandic poppies (yeah baby x2!), and soft blue muscari (yeah baby x3!). I also had some hellebore I was hoping to use, but they bit the bullet pretty quickly. There's no telling with those guys if they're going to make it or not!

Perfect Spring Wedding Flowers - Winnipeg Wedding Florist
Wedding Flower Tutorial - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg

Layer 1: Greenery and shape. I actually cut this sprengeri fern off a plant that I have! It's nice and light, but sometimes it can be on the thorny side, so I don't use it all that often. The viburnum is my favourite thing. Depending on where you live, you won't see this in green for too long, as the blooms quickly turn white and they look like big, beautiful snowballs. But I do really love the green of the blooms - it's that soft, springy, fresh green that is just perfect.

Spring Wedding Flower Ideas - Wedding Flowers winnipeg

Layer 2: Texture. Here I added in calcyina for a little bit of pink, and skimmia for interesting texture. I also really like that the skimmia leaves are a bit of a darker green, which adds some nice contrast.

Spring Wedding Centrepiece - WEdding Flowers Winnipeg

Layer 3: Base flower layer. I added in the peach here with the spray roses, most of which were tucked down pretty deeply for coverage in the vase (speaking of which, I LOVE this concrete vase). White lisianthus is always pretty, and has lovely little buds, and that was added in here as well.

Spring Wedding Flowers - Stone House Creative

Layer 4: All the good stuff :) This layer is definitely my favourite! I really could have left it at layer 3, but having the chance to use some more special, unique flowers and really letting them shine was too good of an opportunity to pass up here. So, poppies and muscari went in! I've never used this type of poppy before and I don't think they're particularly long lasting, so I'll give these a test and see what happens. I do love their incredible, paper-thin pleated blooms and the way each is a slightly different shade - they're PERFECT for spring wedding bouquets. And the muscari is a delicate little bloom. The blue is a lovely complementary tone of the peach, and adds a little more dimension to the overall palette. 

By the way, I'm now booking for 2018 weddings! I am meeting with quite a few eager brides and grooms over the next two months, so if you want to talk wedding flowers with me, don't hesitate to reach out with more details about your wedding day. Just click the box below!

Modern White and Green Wedding at The WAG

When I first met with Jessica and Andrei to talk about their wedding flowers, I simultaneously felt like I wasn't cool enough to be a part of their wedding and also knew that I had to become cool enough to be a part of their wedding. 'Cause when a city planner and an interior designer get married, you know it's going to be pretty slick. 

As featured on Host Winnipeg

Photos by Kamp Photography

Modern White and Green Wedding - Stone House Creative

And if this one picture doesn't prove it to you, allow me to continue. This couple has a modern aesthetic, the coolest house in Wolseley, and just check out Jessica's Houghton NYC gown. 

White Rose Flower Crown - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg
Modern Wedding in Winnipeg - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
Greenery Air Plant Wedding Bouquet - Stone House Creative

Jessica's bridal bouquet was really fun to create, and it was SO light and easy to carry. I used three different types of eucalyptus, olive foliage, air plants, white  protea, and a few stems of large-headed white roses. I also created a large, full white rose floral crown for her.

Air Plant Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Florists Winnipeg

For the bridesmaids, we did up bouquets of just greenery, and also loose blooms for their hair. This was probably the best-dressed group of bridesmaids I have ever seen.

Bridesmaid Pantsuit - Chic Bridesmaid Style Ideas
Minimalist Wedding Inspiration - Winnipeg Art Gallery Wedding
Warehouse Wedding Photos - Weddings in Winnipeg
Modern Minimal Wedding Inspiration - Weddings in Winnipeg

The couple crafted this incredibly cool, geometric arch for their rooftop ceremony at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. They also made mini cement planters for potted succulents, and I provided them with monstera leaves and white protea for their centrepieces.

White and Green Modern Wedding Decor - Wedding Florists Winnipeg
Winnipeg Art Gallery Wedding - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg

Colourful Summer Wedding at Cielo's Garden

When we started planning their wedding flowers, Devon told me that her overall theme for her wedding to Lucas was "classy camping." Having never gone camping before (I know, so crazy), I was definitely intrigued. She had such fun ideas: a jewel tone colour palette, porcelain jugs for the centrepieces, and antique oil lamps for the candles. They wanted their wedding to feel comfortable but still full of colour and style, and I think Cielo's Garden was the absolute perfect choice for location. 

It was SO awesome to work with Aly from Victoria Anne Photography again. She's so fantastic!

Jewel Tone Bridal Bouquet - Stone House Creative

Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: Zinnias, dahlias, asters, gomphrena, solidago, eryngium, veronica, and lilies with lemon leaf and oak leaves. This wedding was in mid-September, and I got to use the last of the locally grown flowers!

Navy and Purple Wedding - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg

I'm not sure these bridesmaid dresses could be any more perfect! I absolutely loved the floral prints.

Winnipeg Wedding Photographer - Cielo's Garden WEdding
Casual Summer Wedding - Winnipeg Wedding Flowers
Cielo's Garden Wedding - Stone House Creative

Devon designed the ceremony space, and I loved what she came up with. One of the things I love the most about Cielo's garden is that every wedding there is able to have a completely unique, personalized design plan. Devon definitely used this to her advantage, defining the space with a large rug and popping the floral centrepieces into the window sills.

Colourful Wedding Flowers - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg
Sweetheart Table Wedding Flowers - Stone House Creative

The couple's sweetheart table was another of my favourite designs from 2016. They brought in this antique wood table, just big enough for two, and set it with smoky grey acrylic chairs. I created a lush greenery garland, and added in a ton of jewel toned florals to make the table really pop. Doesn't it look fantastic?

Floral Garland for Wedding - Cielo's Garden Wedding
Greenery and Floral Garland - Wedding Centrepiece

When the wedding couple is seated at a sweetheart table, that opens up the floor plan to some unique possibilities. In this case, the bridal party was seated at two long tables perpendicular to the sweetheart table. I created two more greenery garlands here, but wanted to use different florals. Working with the same colours as the sweetheart table garland, I chose coral snap dragons and purple waxflower. 

On the guest tables, we used all of the camping jugs and porcelain vessels that Devon and Lucas had collected, and filled them with wildflower-inspired arrangements. The tables were finished with emerald-tinted glass votives and antique glass oil lanterns. It came together beautifully!

Weddings at Cielo's Garden - Stone House Creative
Wedding at Cielo's Garden - Winnipeg Wedding Florist
Wedding Photographer in Winnipeg - Wedding Florist Winnipeg
Wedding photographer in Winnipeg - Winnipeg Wedding Planning

Check out this video trailer from their wedding by Baroncraft Productions!