Treat Yo Momma

Guess what's coming up in a couple of short weeks? That's right. Mother's Day. Arguably the most important day of the year...or not, but it's still the perfect time to show your mom or mom-figure some appreciation and love! 

Mother's Day Flowers Winnipeg

I'm really excited to be offering Mother's Day flowers again this year, to help you show your mom how special she is.

Here's what we're offering:

$25 Standard Bouquet, each a mix of fresh, springy colours!
$75 Premium Bouquet, each a mix of fresh, springy colours!

Where can you find our flowers?

FRIDAY, MAY 12: Pick-up of pre-ordered bouquets available from our North Kildonan studio, between 12-7 pm.
SATURDAY,  MAY 13: Jenna Rae Cakes Pop Up! You can pre-order through Jenna Rae Cakes OR pick up a pre-made bouquet will quantities last! 12-5 pm
SATURDAY, MAY 13: Fools & Horses Pop Up! Swing by for a pre-made bouquet, pick up a pre-ordered bouquet, or try out our fun Build-Your-Own-Bouquet bar! 11am - sell-out.



Jenna Rae Cakes: 580 Academy Road, Winnipeg
Fools & Horses: 379 Broadway, Winnipeg

Crystal and Jason's Organic Fall Wedding at Pineridge Hollow

Crystal was such a delight to work with. With a distinct vision for her wedding to Jason, I had a lot of fun helping her to plan this organic fall wedding at Pineridge Hollow.  She really loves rich colours, so the burgundy and navy that we wove throughout the florals was perfect. She also had this amazing idea for me to come and basically cut down her entire antique hydrangea plant the week of the wedding. Well, hers didn't last super well so she arranged for me to cut from the plants that a local business were growing. It made me SO happy.

Photos: Aimee de la Lande Photography | Venue: Pineridge Hollow | Makeup: 2 Chicks and a Bag of Makeup | Speciality Lighting: Event LIght

Fall Wedding - Pineridge Hollow Wedding
Marsala Bridesmaid Dresses - Organic Wedding Flowers
Pineridge Hollow Wedding - Stone House Creative

I love the delicate hint of colour in Crystal's bridal gown! She was wearing pearls when we first met, so I wasn't surprised that she wore them again on the wedding day.

Burgundy Wedding Flowers - Winnipeg Wedding Florist
Organic Fall Wedding Bouquet - Stone House Creative

Bridal Bouquet ingredients: antique hydrangea, astilbe, dahlias, roses, mums, scabiosa, snap dragons, snowberries and viburnum berries along with leather leaf fern, jasmine vine, and nagi foliage. I finished with soft blue and mocha silk ribbon.

Fall Wedding Flowers - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg
Wedding Ceremony Decor - Pineridge Hollow Wedding

The ceremony was on the back of Pineridge Hollow's property, a small clearing in the woods. I dressed up their birch arbor with this simple, but large, arrangement of fresh and dried hydrangea. 

At the front of the aisle sat two large wine barrels, one with a greenery garland and candles and the other with this enormous (and heavy!) arrangement of hydrangea, delphinium, smokebush, and tailing greens.

Head Table Greenery Garland - Tent Wedding Decorations
Sequin Table Linens - Fall Wedding Decor

The reception details were some of my favourites! Crystal hand-died these cheesecloth table runners the perfect smoky blue tone, and collected these gorgeous brass pots for me to use as centrepiece containers. These were so cool - she bought them for a song at a furniture store that was closing out. The store was charing a lot for them because they had expensive faux plants in them, but when they found out that she just wanted the pots, they gave her a great deal - which is amazing, considering these things cost a fortune regularly!

Above the reception space, we created a greenery installation that was a lot of fun (and terror) to create. The grapevine globe lights from Event Light were a gorgeous addition.

Hanging Greenery Wedding Decor - Stone House Creative
Pineridge Hollow Wedding - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
Winnipeg Wedding Photographer - Wedding Ideas in Winnipeg

Whimsical Summer Wedding at Evergreen Village

I loved all of the whimsical touches and style that Cara and Harrison pulled into their wedding. It was basically like a beautiful unicorn wedding, if that's possible. Evergreen Village just outside of Niverville was a lovely setting, and for goodness' sake, look at the gorgeous tones of the mismatched bridesmaid dresses! So pretty! 

Photos by Kat Willson Photography

Evergreen Village Wedding - Stone House Creative
Olive Flower Crown - Garden Wedding Ideas

Cara's bouquet ended up being one of my favourite bouquets of 2016, but it didn't start out that way. I decided to try a different technique and I didn't feel like I was getting the hang of it at all. In the end, I loved it. I used very little greenery (all of which was foraged) and my favourite things about the bouquet were the gorgeous tones of the dahlias and all of the movement I was able to achieve with the bouquet's shape. 

Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: dahlias, roses, lisianthus, scabiosa, delphinium, smokebush, olive, and white poplar.

Blush and White Bridal Bouquet - Winnipeg Wedding Florists
Blue Wedding Suit - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg
Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses - Unicorn Wedding Ideas
Garden Wedding Flowers - Stone House Creative
Organic Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg

Cara wanted a simple, light flower crown. I used an olive foliage base and tucked in white waxflower with white spray roses.

White Flower Crown - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg
Evergreen Village Wedding - Weddings in Winnipeg

The ceremony design was simple, but really pretty and lush. I started with a long greenery garland and then added in a TON of white hydrangea. It was like getting married under a cloud. 

Evergreen Village Wedding - Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
Blush Bridal Bouquet - Stone House Creative
Blush Dahlia Bouquet - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg
Winnipeg Wedding Florist - Wedding Planning in Winnipeg

How to Make a White and Green Wedding Unique

One of the most frequently requested wedding palettes I get is white and green. To be honest with you, this stresses me out a bit, because it can be very difficult to make a white and green wedding unique. I want all of my weddings to feel personalized and special, so you can see where my struggle comes in. 

So today, I want to show you different wants to make a white and green wedding palette unique! 

Add an Accent Colour to the Flowers

Blush has been a very popular accent for the past few seasons. In 2017, I'm tucking in shades of burgundy, caramel, lavender and blues to add a bit of dimension and interest. Adding in a delicate touch of colour doesn't mean that you suddenly have a colourful wedding. I'm talking about a ratio of about 10% colour accent and 90% white and green. With a touch of colour, you get a distinct effect depending on the accent shade chosen: light blue becomes whimsical, burgundy becomes luxe, caramel becomes fresh. 

luckygirl photography

Bring in a Lot of Texture

Bringing in a lot of texture adds interest. In the ceremony arrangement below, the texture is brought in through several different types of eucalyptus. Different shapes of leaves and the introduction of seeds make this feel interesting and fresh.

Accent with Natural Elements

I also love the idea of introducing natural textures - branches, pods, twigs, vines, herbs. For some wedding ceremony installations, I have gathered sticks for months ahead of time, knowing that they were going to add in a beautiful touch.

Layer in Different Shades in Your Reception Decor

I always like to select one key foundational colour to use throughout a wedding and tie it all together. I usually prefer something that's softer and more neutral, but it doesn't have to be that way! A white and green wedding palette works well with all sorts of great foundational colours, like soft grey, brown, champagne, blush, other shades of green, mocha, light blue, burgundy, lilac...really, anything!

Choose a Different Tone of Foliage

This is definitely one of the simplest ways to make your white and green bridal bouquet look differently than all the other white and green bridal bouquets. For Katie's bouquet below, I tucked in green viburnum (which is actually a flower!) and the fresh, bright green was a great choice. Or, you can go a completely different route with a different colour of foliage altogether! Magnolia is a gorgeous choice with those big, velvety, coppery leaves and copper beech foliage is also awesome. This would be amazing for a fall or winter wedding.



Lake of the Woods Wedding at the Kenora Yacht Club

Sam and Jordan's wedding was my first ever working at the Yacht Club in Kenora, and I loved it! The July sun was out, the skies were clear, and Samantha is a really fun person so I knew it was going to be a great wedding. 

Kenora Yacht Club Wedding - Stone House Creative

Working at the Yacht Club has a unique set of challenges, the biggest of which is that it's on an island! We had to drive out to Kenora with everything packed carefully into the back of my van, meet up with the wedding coordinator, and then load everything into the Club's pontoon boat. We then putted across the lake for about 20 minutes, at which point the pontoon boat ran out of gas about 500 metres from the dock...So after a staff member hopped onto a jet ski and got us some gas, we eventually made out way over to the island and got started. 

Photos: luckygirl photography | Videography: Prairie Film Co | Wedding Coordinator: Styled Wedding & Event Planning | Dress: Bliss Bridal Boutique

Winnipeg Wedding Photographer - Lake of the Woods Wedding
White and Blue Wedding Ideas - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg

We wanted the keep the palette pretty simple: whites, greens, and watery blues to reflect the incredible view. The Lake of the Woods area is just gorgeous. I also tucked in a few burgundy touches from my garden to add a little depth. 

Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: roses, lisianthus, anemones, dendropbium orchids, veronica, stock, ferns, eucalyptus, and pittosporum with burgundy heuchera foliage and tiny touches of light blue tweedia.

Organic white bridal bouquet - Stone House Creative
Lakefront Wedding Ceremony - Lake of the Woods Wedding

This was definitely one of my favourite ceremony spaces to design of the entire summer! Being on that dock, in the warm sun, was just wonderful (and I got a wicked sunburn that kicked off my summer tan, so bonus! Until I snipped off the tip of my finger when I was almost finished the arbor...just a little slice, it was such a huge deal ha!). 

I started with the arch. The couple had purchased this plain white arch, and the plan was for me to dress it up. Given the natural surroundings, I didn't want to do anything too perfect or tidy, and I wanted to keep the palette pretty soft. I started with a lot of soft green foliage (mostly foraged silver willow foliage, olive, and several varieties of eucalyptus). I popped in a few white mums as focal flowers, and then worked in dark blue, light blue, and white delphinium throughout. I love how the long delphinium stems point in all directions; they really add dimension and shape.

There wasn't much in the way of an aisle, because the dock area is pretty short and there was only space for a handful of chairs before the steps started. Sam wanted something to mark an aisle though, so I created a few of these natural, free-form pieces at the base of a couple of chairs. They felt like they were growing up out of the dock, which I love.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Decor - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg
Natural Wedding Ceremony Flowers - Outdoor Wedding Decor
Lake Themed Wedding - Lake of the Woods Wedding
Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses - Weddings in Winnipeg

I absolutely LOVE the colours and styles of these bridesmaid dresses. This coral colour is UNREAL, and paired with that floaty soft blue dress? Amazing. This is mistmatched bridesmaids done right. 

Winnipeg Wedding Photographer - Lake of the Woods Wedding