Stone House Creative Owner - Lauren Wiebe

Lauren Wiebe, Owner and Designer

I am known for designing weddings with a garden-inspired, organic style. I love to use big blooms and sweet scents, and am lucky to work with excited, creative couples who desire a wedding that actually looks and feels like them—and not just what Pinterest says it should look like.

With creativity, style, and a high level of professionalism, I’ve spent the past 9 years working in the wedding industry. Most of the time, you'll find me answering emails, dreaming up floral plans, or scrubbing out dirty buckets, but my absolute favourite moments are when I pick up a few stems and watch them come together to form your bridal bouquet. Trust me—seeing a bride's face light up when I walk in with her bouquet makes all of the dirty water worth it.

My earliest memory of flowers is watching the sweet pea growing by the back door of my grandma's house, and I still love that sweet, delicate fragrance. It's one of my favourite blooms, and you can bet that if you're getting married in the summer, I'll sneak it into your bouquet.

I believe in the power of a strong marriage and how this affects our families and our society, so being a behind-the-scenes member of a couple's wedding day is an incredible thrill and honour. It's important to me that I pray for each and every one of my couples, for a lifelong marriage filled with happiness and joy, respect and trust, good health and blessing after blessing.

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The Stone House

I grew up in a beautiful stone farm house, built by hand in 1904 by my Scottish ancestors. The home has always been lived in and the land farmed by someone in my family, including my grandmother and my parents (who still reside and farm there). You won’t find another house quite like it, which is how I want my clients to feel about their weddings, too.

The image of the house used in my logo is a pen drawing of our home, created by the late Gerald Folkerts, a close friend of my parents and local artist.

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About Winnipeg Wedding Florist Stone House Creative

“The florals could not have been more perfect. You were so much fun to work with and so open to all of the many ideas that I had over the year leading up to the wedding.” - Stephanie

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Ariana Tennyson Photography

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