Jenn and Bill's Garden-Inspired Wedding at Cielo's Garden

Ah, Jenn and Bill’s wedding day. It was SUCH a good day. Late August (the day before my birthday, in fact!) is a gooood time for a wedding because it’s not QUITE as hot as the rest of summer and the weather is basically always perfect. Except that it actually rained throughout the evening of their wedding - which I’m telling you, has NEVER HAPPENED ON MY BIRTHDAY BEFORE. So I may or may not have told them that they’d have perfect weather and I may or may not have come out looking like a liar.

BUT, this garden-inspired wedding at Cielo’s Garden was one of my favourites of the year. A unique take on a purple palette with some of the most subtle combinations (you’ve heard me say before that I think ultra-violet is one of the most offensive colours of all time but this? This take on purple was gooooood), flowers literally everywhere, and a light and airy feel that just made this wedding feel special. I would happily re-live this day over and over again!

Moore Photography (plus some of my iphone photos)~ Amanda Douglas Events ~ Cielo’s Garden ~ Cocoa Beans Bakeshop ~ C&T Rentals

Garden-Inspired Wedding at Cielo's Garden - Stone House Creative
Mauve and Lavender Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg

This bridal bouquet was one of my favourites! I felt like it was such a unique take on the colour palette and I really, really loved the combination that I got to use. The colour and texture depths were really lovely.

Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: early grey roses, menta roses, amnesia roses, pink stock, white larkspur, locally grown white sweet pea, black pearl lisianthus (drool!) and scabiosa, with mixed eucalyptus and foaged foliages. I finished it with this gorgeous mauve Stella Wolfe ribbon that I’d been hoarding all year.

Mauve Wedding Flower Ideas - Cielo's Garden Weddings

Working with Jenn was one of the best experiences I’ve had as a wedding floral designer. Why? Because she trusted me SO much. She loved my style, and she knew that with her busy life AND the fact that she doesn’t live in Winnipeg anymore, she decided to just hand over the reigns and chose not to worry about anything. That made this wedding a dream for both her and me! Outside of just flowers, she asked me for vendor recommendations (helllloooooo gluten free desserts!!) and when I suggested that she consider hiring a month-of wedding coordinator, she trusted me on that, too. I actually always recommend that couples getting married at a venue like Cielo’s Garden, where there isn’t a banquet coordinator on-site (like you’d find at a hotel or a golf course), always hire at least a month-of coordinator. There’s no need for you to have to run your entire reception when you could be enjoying it!

Is there such a thing as TOO much trust? Ha! Jenn trusted me so much that she actually didn’t bother to review her flower order because she knew that I had it all under control…except she forgot that she had added a bridesmaid since the last time we talked! 😂There were a few stressful moments when that was figured out - I was working on the ceremony instal in the chapel and the wedding coordinator asked where the 5th bridesmaid bouquet was. “What 5th bridesmaid?” was my response. It actually worked out really well - I stopped working on the chapel instal, the couple did their first look photos in the chapel, and I took flowers out of the buckets that were ear-marked for the ceremony arch and sat on the ground outside and whipped together another bouquet! Ironically, that was the one day I chose to take extra ribbon OUT of my tool bag since I wouldn’t need it, but the wedding coordinator had some bits and pieces that I could use. By the time the first look photos were finished, so was that bouquet! I was also very sweaty - ha!

Lavender and Blush Wedding Flowers - Winnipeg Wedding Flowers
Deconstructed Wedding Ceremony Arch - Garden Inspired Wedding at Cielo's Garden

I’m sure you could guess without too much effort why this ceremony design was one of my favourites of the entire year! I always love coming up with different ideas to implement for ceremony spaces, and especially when it’s such a beautifully blank canvas as Cielo’s Garden is. Creating a freestanding, deconstructed arch had been on my design wishlist for a while after seeing some similar styles on Instagram, so when I suggested it to Jenn, I was pretty pumped that she loved the idea. She really let me just do whatever I wanted! I decided to use the same ingredients as the bouquets (which was very lucky when I had to create that extra bridesmaid bouquet!).

Romantic Weddings at Cielo's Garden - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
Copper and Rose Gold Wedding Decor - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg

The reception was also full of beautiful things! Literally flowers everywhere! I was so impressed with the level of detail that Jenn brought considering that she lived out of town throughout the entire planning. The gorgeous rose gold and copper place setting details were from C&T Rentals and though you can’t see it too well, the vases that the centrepieces were in are also copper, which I felt really complemented the floral palette nicely! We also tucked in flowers throughout the guest book table are, the bar, and of course, on the cake. I am a bit of a fan of flowers, flowers, everywhere :) And then they also brought the ceremony arrangements and placed them behind the head table, which looked so pretty!

Garden-Inspired Wedding Centrepieces - Stone House Creative
Cielo's Garden Weddings - Stone House Creative

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Romantic and Feminine Wedding Flowers for Stephanie

Stephanie and Grant got married in early June, on one of the first gorgeous days of the summer. Stephanie had a romantic vision that I was so happy to oblige, and though she initially wanted to keep the flowers more neutral (whites, greens, touch of blush), I was super excited when we decided to add in more feminine tones of peachy pinks and mauves. I LOVED this bridal bouquet!

Photos by Vanheyst Photography | Coordination: Feast & Festivities | Makeup: Jessica Kmiec

Romantic Spring Wedding - Winnipeg Wedding Flowers
Blush and Mauve Wedding Flowers - Winnipeg Wedding Florist

WOAH MOMMA. I love this bouquet! 

Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: roses and garden roses, locally grown ranunculus, spray roses, scabiosa, lisianthus, and several varieties of eucalyptus.

Organic Bridal Bouquet - Romantic Wedding Flowers
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Blush and Mauve Bridal Bouquet - Stone House Creative
Church Wedding Flowers - Winnipeg Wedding Florists

I loved these big arrangements I did for the ceremony! They were set of these minimal gold stands I have, which can either blend really nicely and be barely visible in a venue, or they can stand out with a really unique style. 

Wedding Ceremony Flowers - Spring Wedding Flowers
Mocha Bridesmaid Dress - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg