Modern White and Green Wedding at The WAG

When I first met with Jessica and Andrei to talk about their wedding flowers, I simultaneously felt like I wasn't cool enough to be a part of their wedding and also knew that I had to become cool enough to be a part of their wedding. 'Cause when a city planner and an interior designer get married, you know it's going to be pretty slick. 

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Modern White and Green Wedding - Stone House Creative

And if this one picture doesn't prove it to you, allow me to continue. This couple has a modern aesthetic, the coolest house in Wolseley, and just check out Jessica's Houghton NYC gown. 

White Rose Flower Crown - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg
Modern Wedding in Winnipeg - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
Greenery Air Plant Wedding Bouquet - Stone House Creative

Jessica's bridal bouquet was really fun to create, and it was SO light and easy to carry. I used three different types of eucalyptus, olive foliage, air plants, white  protea, and a few stems of large-headed white roses. I also created a large, full white rose floral crown for her.

Air Plant Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Florists Winnipeg

For the bridesmaids, we did up bouquets of just greenery, and also loose blooms for their hair. This was probably the best-dressed group of bridesmaids I have ever seen.

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Minimalist Wedding Inspiration - Winnipeg Art Gallery Wedding
Warehouse Wedding Photos - Weddings in Winnipeg
Modern Minimal Wedding Inspiration - Weddings in Winnipeg

The couple crafted this incredibly cool, geometric arch for their rooftop ceremony at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. They also made mini cement planters for potted succulents, and I provided them with monstera leaves and white protea for their centrepieces.

White and Green Modern Wedding Decor - Wedding Florists Winnipeg
Winnipeg Art Gallery Wedding - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg