Planning Your Wedding Long Distance

Planning your wedding long distance? A lot of couples get a little worried, thinking that planning their wedding, set in Winnipeg, from somewhere else is going to make it a lot harder on them. And here's the thing: it can be harder, but it doesn't have to be. And I'm happy to help! 

Sure, there will be differences in your planning, depending on where you're planning from and if you're able to travel back to Winnipeg at any point throughout your engagement process. You might not be able to visit your venue in person or have a menu tasting, you might not be able to interview your photographer in person, you might need to transport your dress! But the flowers? The flowers can still be easy! 

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I've worked with couples planning their Winnipeg weddings from around Canada and throughout the world! Along with living across Manitoba, some of my couples have hailed from: 
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Seattle, Washington
New York City
New Zealand

How to Plan Your Wedding Flowers Long Distance

Whenever I get an inquiry from someone who is not local to me, the process changes a little bit, but not a ton. Here's how it goes: 

1) Instead of an in-person preliminary appointment, we'll schedule one for Skype or Facetime! We can also do it over the phone, but I prefer to be able to talk with you and look at you at the same time. It gives me a better feel for your personality and your style. For an in-person appointment, I'll ask you to prepare by bringing along colour swatches and inspiration photos. If we're meeting over Skype or Facetime, I'll ask for those things in advance, along with a general list of everything we'll be talking about. It helps me to be more prepared and get a good feel for what you're looking for - which is particularly important because Wifi connections can be a little spotty sometimes.

2) After we wrap up our conversation and I feel like I have a good understanding of your vision and your style, I'll move on to the proposal process. Usually during an in-person consultation, I like to show examples of different flower varieties that I think you'll love. I always include a digital flower board in my proposals so that you can get a visual for what I'm planning and I think this is helpful to ensure you understand how I'm suggesting we interpret your plans for the wedding. I'll also include a breakdown of everything that we discussed, as well as copy of my standard contract. If needed, I'll include pictures of vases and rentals to complete your look. 

3) From here on out, everything is basically the exact same as if you were planning in town! We'll communicate via email to make any necessary adjustments to your proposal, and you can sign your contract and make payments online. Easy! After your date is officially booked, unless there are major revisions that need to be made, you can consider me all good to go until 1 month prior to the wedding, at which point I'll follow up to confirm that everything is still correct. Once we're confirmed, I'll place your flower order and we'll be all set! 

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When it comes down to it, I really just want to make this process as easy and enjoyable for you - and if you're planning from afar, I think you'll find that a LOT of Winnipeggers are like this. Many of our local wedding industry business owners have fantastic reputations and we just want you to have an awesome wedding! Earlier this spring, I worked with a couple from BC who were planning a fairly last-minute wedding due to family health issues. They remarked that if they were getting married in BC, they thought that there was no chance they would have been able to pull together as great of a wedding with as great of an experience. Our city has some pretty good people in it!

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So, getting married in Manitoba? I might be biased, but flowers are the best way to make a statement at your wedding. No matter where you're planning from, I'm going to make this as easy and enjoyable as possible for you, culminating in a gorgeous floral experience for your wedding day!

Limited summer 2019 wedding dates remain available. Click below to check your date!

2019 Wedding Bookings Update

Hello everyone!

Wedding season is underway (and with a bang...I've got three weddings this weekend!) and I'm excited to also be heavy into my booking season for 2019 weddings. I know it seems crazy to be booking your wedding flowers so far out, but we tend to have long engagements here in Winnipeg with couples that like to plan their weddings far in advance. 

Here's an update on my 2019 wedding availability: 

May 2019: Limited dates still available in the earlier half of the month
June 2019: Fully booked
July 2019: I've got space for 2 more weddings depending on their size
August 2019: 3-4 more bookings are still available, on August 3, August 10, and August 24!
September 2019: 3-4 more bookings, depending on their size
October: Pretty flexible, aside from the Thanksgiving weekend which is fully booked

So, if you've been wanting to sit down with me to discuss your wedding flower needs, click the button below to set up an appointment. 

Next year, I'm really excited to be working at many incredible outdoor venues and properties, designing in some really fun and creative colour palettes, and with couples who love flowers and want to put a major focus on unique designs (not just what they've seen on Pinterest). I'd love to create a floral design plan just for you!

I've got some other great things going on these days!
-Last week I hosted two Mother's Day flower classes (SO much fun!) and I'll be planning another floral arranging class mid-summer with all locally grown flowers. 
-I also took part in a creative photo shoot last week, with Casey Nolin and Inspired Elegance Events, with a delish palette of peaches, corals, orange and salmon. So refreshing and I can't wait to show you the photos!
-One Tuesday, May 22 between 3 pm and 8 pm I'll be at Cielo's Garden for their open house. If you're a 2018 or 2019 couple getting hitched at Cielo's, make sure you come by to talk details with Carla and talk flowers with me!
-One of the things I'm looking forward to the most is a free week coming up in June, during which I have no weddings and instead will just be playing with flowers for myself, trying new techniques and new-to-me varieties of flowers. I can't wait!
-Wedding season is underway and I think I'm more excited for this season than ever before. It's going to be so great!