Planning Your Wedding Long Distance

Planning your wedding long distance? A lot of couples get a little worried, thinking that planning their wedding, set in Winnipeg, from somewhere else is going to make it a lot harder on them. And here's the thing: it can be harder, but it doesn't have to be. And I'm happy to help! 

Sure, there will be differences in your planning, depending on where you're planning from and if you're able to travel back to Winnipeg at any point throughout your engagement process. You might not be able to visit your venue in person or have a menu tasting, you might not be able to interview your photographer in person, you might need to transport your dress! But the flowers? The flowers can still be easy! 

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I've worked with couples planning their Winnipeg weddings from around Canada and throughout the world! Along with living across Manitoba, some of my couples have hailed from: 
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Seattle, Washington
New York City
New Zealand

How to Plan Your Wedding Flowers Long Distance

Whenever I get an inquiry from someone who is not local to me, the process changes a little bit, but not a ton. Here's how it goes: 

1) Instead of an in-person preliminary appointment, we'll schedule one for Skype or Facetime! We can also do it over the phone, but I prefer to be able to talk with you and look at you at the same time. It gives me a better feel for your personality and your style. For an in-person appointment, I'll ask you to prepare by bringing along colour swatches and inspiration photos. If we're meeting over Skype or Facetime, I'll ask for those things in advance, along with a general list of everything we'll be talking about. It helps me to be more prepared and get a good feel for what you're looking for - which is particularly important because Wifi connections can be a little spotty sometimes.

2) After we wrap up our conversation and I feel like I have a good understanding of your vision and your style, I'll move on to the proposal process. Usually during an in-person consultation, I like to show examples of different flower varieties that I think you'll love. I always include a digital flower board in my proposals so that you can get a visual for what I'm planning and I think this is helpful to ensure you understand how I'm suggesting we interpret your plans for the wedding. I'll also include a breakdown of everything that we discussed, as well as copy of my standard contract. If needed, I'll include pictures of vases and rentals to complete your look. 

3) From here on out, everything is basically the exact same as if you were planning in town! We'll communicate via email to make any necessary adjustments to your proposal, and you can sign your contract and make payments online. Easy! After your date is officially booked, unless there are major revisions that need to be made, you can consider me all good to go until 1 month prior to the wedding, at which point I'll follow up to confirm that everything is still correct. Once we're confirmed, I'll place your flower order and we'll be all set! 

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When it comes down to it, I really just want to make this process as easy and enjoyable for you - and if you're planning from afar, I think you'll find that a LOT of Winnipeggers are like this. Many of our local wedding industry business owners have fantastic reputations and we just want you to have an awesome wedding! Earlier this spring, I worked with a couple from BC who were planning a fairly last-minute wedding due to family health issues. They remarked that if they were getting married in BC, they thought that there was no chance they would have been able to pull together as great of a wedding with as great of an experience. Our city has some pretty good people in it!

Looking for a wedding florist in Winnipeg?

So, getting married in Manitoba? I might be biased, but flowers are the best way to make a statement at your wedding. No matter where you're planning from, I'm going to make this as easy and enjoyable as possible for you, culminating in a gorgeous floral experience for your wedding day!

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How To Pin a Boutonniere Tutorial

I came across this awesome little how-to video tutorial on Snippet & Ink the other day and loved it! Often on a wedding day, I don't actually see the guys, so it's not going to be me who is pinning the boutonnieres on. One of the steps that I think is the most important is the very first - deciding where to place that boutonniere. So often I see pictures of a wedding and laugh, "What on earth were they thinking?" It's those kind of hilarious photos that sort of make you feel badly for the guys, because they obviously didn't know what they were doing when they put that boutonniere on the absolute bottom of their lapel, or practically sitting on their shoulder. So for all of those guys out there (and you know there's definitely going to be at least 1 in every bridal party), make sure you save these steps!  

Wedding Event Design 2.0 - The Reception (and the Frequently Made Mistakes by Brides & Wedding Planners)

When we talk about overall event design and decor planning for a wedding, most of our attention is focused on the reception. This is where you spend the most amount of time, and the most amount of money, so it makes sense to focus on the way your reception looks and feels!

Here are the two biggest mistakes I see brides make (and event wedding planners or decorators!) when it comes to planning their wedding decor: 

1) Not paying attention to the venue and what suits it. 
Every space has a particular style. The architect or interior designer have purposely made decisions to create an overall aesthetic, and when it comes to wedding venues, these aesthetic details are often VERY obvious, and sometimes "theme-y." This might be in style or in colour palette. For example: say you've chosen to have your wedding at a rustic barn. Guess what doesn't belong here? Mod white leather chairs. Crystals and bling. Formal linens and draping. It just doesn't GO. That doesn't meant that there isn't a place for those things; it just means that there isn't a place for these things at YOUR wedding. And that's okay!

Here's another example: we've all walked into venues with carpet, and thought, "what the heck were they thinking with this carpet!?" You know what's way worse than that gold-and-maroon patterned carpet? Textured coral table linens with whimsical light blue flowers on top of that gold and maroon carpet. Guys: pay attention to the space! Maybe gold and maroon aren't your favourite colours - but if you've chosen this venue for your wedding, then your overall event design is going to look the best if you find a way to incorporate the venue's colouring into your wedding's colour palette. 

In the same way, notice the most beautiful aspects of your venue and highlight them with your event design choices. Is there a gorgeous fireplace? Position your head table in front or beside it. Is there a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows that let in beautiful natural light? Don't ever think of covering those up with draping! 

Pay attention to the characteristics, limitations, and features of your venue. 

2) Paying too much attention to Pinterest. 
I recently sat down with a bride and her wedding planner to talk about her wedding flowers. Both the planner and I cringed (inwardly, of course!) when the bride mentioned one specific Pinterest trend that she thought she might like to incorporate (in this case, it was baby's breath - and lots of it). After we explained that it was becoming a very tired trend, nor did it really fit with her personal style in any way, she mentioned: "I guess I saw baby's breath on Pinterest a year ago when I first started planned my wedding, and I think it must have just been starting to be stylish then." This was really interesting to me, because baby's breath started to resurge in 2011! All this to say: remember that when you see something "new" on Pinterest or on wedding blogs, at least 10,000 other brides-to-be are seeing the EXACT SAME THING. That means that anything trending on Pinterest is not in the least bit unique or personalized to you and your style. That's not to say that Pinterest doesn't have its merits, though!

Here's the thing about those pretty little details and touches that you see on Pinterest or on wedding blogs: they're so pretty because they were first designed with one specific, incredible couple in mind. I very firmly believe that a unique design does not come from already completed weddings. If you hope to have a wedding that looks and feels unique to you, then we need to start fresh, WITHOUT Pinterest.  

So what next? If the way your wedding looks and feels is important to you, but you're struggling to figure out what to do or how to make it happen, connect with me. I'd love to help! I get a serious high from working alongside you to design a beautiful, personal, and fun wedding experience. 

PS I loved working with Prairie Film Co on this video. If you're looking for an amazing wedding videographer, contact them ASAP.

How to Plan Your Wedding Flowers, Part 3: The Consultation

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I strongly believe planning your flowers should be one of the most fun parts of your wedding. And therefore, your floral consultation should be nothing but awesome! So today, I'm going to talk a little bit about how you can prepare for your wedding flower consultation, and what to expect.

Image by  Brittany Mahood Photography , designed by Stone House Creative for  Host Winnipeg

Image by Brittany Mahood Photography, designed by Stone House Creative for Host Winnipeg


The BEST way to use your consultation is to help the designers get a really good feel for your personal style and your wedding plans so far. Have you found your gown, or the bridesmaid dresses yet? Bring a picture. Talk about your colour palette and bring swatches. Have you done the hard work of narrowing down that highly curated Interested board yet? Perfect. Sharing images that you're drawn to will help your designer get a good understanding of flower types you like, the bouquet shape you love, and more. If you've planned  details like your stationery or your table linens, be sure to tell them.

You'll also be asked about the list of floral items that you're needing, so have a good idea of the number of table centres you need, the approximate number of rows of chairs you'll have at the ceremony, and who you'd like to have boutonnieres and corsages (parents, step-parents, grandparents, siblings, ushers, and so on).


Now that you've shared some of your wedding plans, the floral designer you're meeting with should have a good feeling for your style. Now, you'll also need to share your budget. I know, this isn't always easy. Along with the budget conversation will also come your top priority: in a lot of cases, the wants list exceeds the budget. So, make sure your floral designer understands what the most important elements are to you. That way, should your budget not match up with your dreams, your florist will be able to come up with some ideas for special arrangements or elements to add in that will help you achieve the look you dream of at a more affordable price tag. 

If you're having trouble communicating to your fiancé or parents why flowers are important to you, this post will be a great read for you. Remember that there's a lot more to selecting your florist than just the budget they present you with, so be sure you keep an open mind during your consultation to hear what she has to suggest to you. You want to hire someone who is excited, creative, and shares your vision!


Okay girl, now is officially the time to stop looking at flowers on Pinterest. I know that Pinterest is full of so many great ideas, but it can also be a very dangerous trap, convincing you to spend more money than you can afford and adding way too many things to your to-do list. So here's what you do: stop pinning wedding stuff. Delete the images that no longer fit with your vision. Find more tips here. 

Keep your eye out for Part 4 next week: Navigating the quotes and booking your florist!

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Host Winnipeg Launch - Brand New Winnipeg Wedding Blog!

I'm so excited because this week is the launch of Host Winnipeg! Host is a brand new, local wedding and lifestyle website, created by a former wedding planner! Winnipeg has absolutely been in need of something like this - a platform for brides and wedding vendors to interact in a stylish, well-designed way. I'm so excited to see how the full launch of Host impacts the local wedding industry and how brides plan.

I was so thrilled to be asked to take part in the branding shoot, and my small part was to provide florals. I had a lot of fun with this palette and these pretty blooms. Photos by the lovely Brittany Mahood Photography.

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