Intimate Fall Wedding at Deer + Almond

I can’t believe it’s been about a year since Jen and Aaron’s intimate fall wedding at Deer + Almond! It was such a beautiful, peaceful day and one that I was thrilled to be a part of. Jen is a really stylish person, and was pretty open to my suggestions as to flowers so with the combination of her fantastic taste and my creativity, I really loved what came together for them. And for goodness sake…her dress!!

Jaclyn Leskiw Photography ~ Canadian Museum for Human Rights ~ Deer + Almond

Fall Wedding at Deer + Almond - Winnipeg Wedding florist
Fall Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Flowers in Winnipeg

Oh, how I loved this bouquet! A seasonal colour palette that was at once warm and romantic, built around peaches and rust with touches of coral and mauve tucked in. I used some incredible textures in here that are only available in the fall and that’s what made it so special! And doesn’t it look so great against the navy the bridesmaids wore, and with Jen’s incredible necklace?

Flower Ingredients: Ranunculus, roses, spray roses, mums, astrantia, ilex berry (oooo baby!), ninebark foliage, copper beech foliage, and ruscus.

Peach and Orange Wedding Bouquet - Stone House Creative
Canadian Museum of human Rights Wedding - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg
Canadian Museum of Human Rights - Winnipeg's Top Wedding Florist

The ceremony was held at The Canada Museum for Human Rights, on one of the upper terraces. For an intimate guest list, this space is PERFECT. The tyndall stone half wall, all of the natural light and the soaring ceilings all add up to a beautiful setting. We kept the decor simple here, with my copper arch simply strung with lightweight garlands of Italian ruscus.

Wedding at Human Rights Museum - Stone House Creative
Deer + Almond Wedding - Winnipeg Wedding Florist

I know I’ve said it before: I LOVE RESTAURANT WEDDINGS. This was my first time working at Deer + Almond and it was great! It’s a small space so the guest count was limited, and the room has some really interesting paintings and graffiti style art on the walls so you want to work with that. We kept the decor plan simple: fresh greenery with peach and orange blooms, and lots of candlelight. I know some people do not like floating candles because they are very '“typical,” but I don’t mind them at all! They’re more budget-friendly than pillar candles and most venues in Winnipeg don’t allow taper candles, so floating candles are a good way to bring height to the table.

Winnipeg Wedding Florist - Stone House Creative

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Romantic Garden Wedding at the Gates on Roblin

It’s taken me quite a while to put together this blog post for Sabrina and Giuliano’s garden wedding at The Gates on Roblin, and for a few reasons:
1) Brittany Mahood’s photos are amazing and there are TONS of them so it’s really hard to choose!
2) I loved being a part of this wedding SO much and somehow, finally blogging it makes it really feel over.
3) Along with floral design, I also took care of their entire event design. Sabrina and I walked through every visual aspect of their wedding and designed a gorgeous celebration.

So here we are: a garden-inspired wedding with a palette of mixed pinks and mauves, incredible calligraphy details, mini sized Nutella guest favours, a pasta course…AKA the best wedding a person could ever want to be a guest at!

Brittany Mahood Photography ~ Stone House Creative ~ The Gates on Roblin ~ Jennifer Bianca Calligraphy ~ Planned Perfectly ~ C&T Rentals ~ Chocolate Zen Bakery

Romantic Garden Wedding at the Gates on Roblin - Stone House Creative
Plum and Mauve Wedding Flowers - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg
Blush and Plum Wedding flowers - Winnipeg Wedding Florists

Sabrina’s bouquet was lush and layered with ruffled blooms, including several varieties of roses and garden roses, ranunculus and Queen Anne’s Lace. I finished it off with trailing Stella Wolfe silk ribbon.

So this stationery…man, was it gorgeous! One of the first things I like to work on with event design clients is their invitations because it really sets the stage for how your guests will experience your wedding and style. I suggested that we work with Jennifer Bianca Calligraphy, and it turned out that Sabrina had already been following her and even inquired with her already! We looked through some of Jennifer’s samples and realized Sabrina was leaning towards a full calligraphy suite. I really wanted to add in some colour and Jennifer had a few gorgeous options for the paper stock in mixed soft pink and mauves. A vellum wrapper and rose gold monogrammed wax seals were gorgeous finishing touches.

Blush and Cream Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
Plum and Blush Bridal Bouquet - Winnipeg Wedding Florist
Romantic Garden Wedding at the Gates on Roblin - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
Garden-Inspired Wedding at the Gates on Roblin - Winnipeg Event Designer

What drew Sabrina to The Gates was all of the windows and natural lighting. It’s a beautiful all-white space, but I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t overly stark or crisp. The main thing was bringing in mahogany chivari chairs to add depth. We layered the tables with light grey napkins and rose gold cutlery, plenty of candlelight, and of course, flowers. Since the room at the Gates is so large, we had enough space to play with the floor plan and were able to work in a variety of rectangular tables and round tables, along with an oversized double sided head table. Sabrina had these gold hoops that she wanted added to the head table and some hanging behind the head table, so we added a few floral touches to them to finish it off.

Gold Hoop Wedding Flowers - Wedding Ideas in Winnipeg
Tall Floral Centrepieces - Ballroom Wedding in Winnipeg
Garden Style Floral Centrepieces - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg

Nutella favours. Could there be a smarter idea? I was hoping to find a box of leftover ones somewhere 😂I was unsuccessful.

Blush and Cream Wedding Flowers Winnipeg - Wedding Decor and Event Design
Calligraphy Seating Chart - Wedding Event Designer in Winnipeg

I love the oversized calligraphy seating chart. Jennifer did such a beautiful job (even though it was hard to photograph ha!). And to finish things off, a sweet little cake from Chocolate Zen!

Wedding Florist in Winnipeg - Stone House Creative

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Whether you’re planning a whimsical garden-inspired celebration or a formal ballroom fete, I think flowers are the best way to make a statement at your wedding. Maybe you already have a specific vision or you might want me to dream up something custom just for you - either way, reach out to Stone House Creative for stunning bridal bouquets, truly unique ceremony backdrops, and beautiful floral centrepieces to create the perfect ambiance for your wedding!

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Why It's Important to Me (and my business) that I'm Constantly Learning

Right from the start of my business, I knew that I wanted to invest in myself with continued education for many years to come. My first job in the wedding industry was working for a local wedding magazine, and I learned so much by observing the many small businesses in the wedding industry that we worked with. One of the main things I realized was that SO many people in this industry hit cruise control and then a few years later, watch in horror as their businesses start to crumble around them. I never wanted to see that happen in my business, and I knew that investing into education, inspiration, and relationships with other wedding professionals was one way to stay at the top of my game, while always keeping me searching for new ways to progress in my biz. As a result, I’ve attended floral design workshops, taken online courses in event design, business management and marketing, learned how to build a website, and attended conferences specifically for floral professionals.

Stone House Consulting - Wedding Business Coach

I recently attended the Team Flower Conference, and not only that, I was actually a featured keynote speaker as well! It was an incredible honour to be asked to speak and my presentation was all about the importance of client communication and how to truly do it well. As you can see, I talk with my hands a lot 😂

At the conference, my love for learning was reaffirmed, once again! There were sessions on design, flower farming, hiring a team, being a parent working in the floral industry, and more. One of my favourite sessions was presented by Natalie Gill of Native Poppy, a retail floral shop specializing in weddings in California. She said a lot of things that really stood out to me:

“Sweat builds you a job. Systems build you a business.”

“I think there’s a solution to everything.”

“For years I had been a student of flowers. Then I became a student of business.”

That last one really stuck out to me and has been inspiring me since. Why? Well, I’m pretty confident in my design style and I know how to take really good care of flowers. I, too, have been a student of flowers. What’s really firing me up right now is learning how to build the very best business that I can, so that YOU, my clients, can benefit! I want you to have the very best experience possible in planning your wedding, and I know that the way I serve you plays an enormous role in that. If your interactions with me suck, then you might just end up with a tinge of unhappiness that seeps into other aspects of your wedding planning. I don’t want that!

I also want to build the best business possible because of the plans that I have for Stone House Creative. This biz turns 5 years old this summer. The past 4 years have been about hustling and working hard and loving (almost) every minute of it. This year is the first wedding season when I’ll have a baby beside me (except not actually beside me, because we have childcare to take care of him while I work - thank goodness, because I’m a good multitasker but not that good!). It’s really important to me to show him that women in business are POWERFUL and can achieve a lot, and that working hard for something that you value is important. I want him to grow up knowing that hard work itself is valuable, whether you’re working your “dream job” or not. I also want my business to serve my life well, and that means allowing me flexibility to take off specific weekends in the summer so my family can go to the lake, or not working on my son’s birthday weekend so we can celebrate. And I have some pretty serious goals for the future, which aren’t even close to being unrolled yet but are going to be amazing down the line.

It should also be important to YOU to hire someone who is constantly learning and evaluating their business, making shifts to serve their clients and themselves well, rather than just building something that works alright and letting it lay stagnant for years. I’m not saying this to convince you to hire me - I’m saying this because I truly think that the best businesses, the best client experiences, the best wedding days come about when you hire people and businesses who are passionate and ENGAGED in what they do.

“True experts never stop learning and work relentlessly on pushing [themselves] to be better.” - Think Splendid

If you’ve made it this far, you get rewarded with a picture of the cutest baby of all time…mine! To close the Team Flower Conference, there was a dinner in which everyone needed to wear something floral. Being a new mom, I decided that my family had to match 😂BUT it’s very hard to find floral printed clothes for baby boys in February! I was pretty pumped to find these Pick Flowers Not Fights t-shirts so Jack and I could match. I couldn’t find one in time for my husband, but I thought a slightly floral printed white t would be good enough.

But seriously…isn’t he the cutest baby you’ve ever seen? He’s WAY huger now and he has slightly more hair (only slightly, lol!), is moving CONSTANTLY and he’s super chatty. Basically it’s just the most fun I’ve ever had.


Professional Photos by Hannah Haston Photography

The Modern, Garden Style Cascading Bouquet

2018 was definitely the year of cascading bouquets for me! We’ve been seeing a bit of a resurgence of the cascade shape for a little while now, but with a looser, more garden style than the horrendous pointy triangle bouquets of the 80s and 90s. I thought I’d share a little about this style of bouquet in case it’s something that interests you!

1) To get the more organic, garden-inspired shape, these are handtied bouquets. In the past (and some older-school florists still do it this way), cascade bouquets were always designed in a bouquet holder. This is essentially a plastic handle that has a little cup at the end where a chunk of Oasis sits, for the flowers to be inserted into. I try to use Oasis/floral foam as little as humanly possible, as it’s terrible for the environment and is essentially plastic - and a carcinogenic! Yuck! I certainly don’t want you carrying around a bouquet that has the potential to make you sick. I also don’t think that the plastic holders are very comfortable to carry - they’ve always hurt my hands. I’d rather you hold onto the stems!

2) Because I don’t use a bouquet holder, it means that I need to use a LOT of stems to create the bouquet. So, not only is your bouquet going to be a little more expensive, it’s also likely to be pretty heavy. That might get a little annoying on the wedding day, but your biceps are going to look awesome in photos ;) Some florists will wire the flower heads to alleviate some of the weight, but with our super hot summers, I’m always a little worried that those flowers aren’t going to make it if they have no chance of being popped back into water throughout the day.

3) You’ll have to carry your bouquet slightly differently than you would with a traditional handtied bouquet. You can tell from some of these pictures that the bride’s hands are angled a little differently - the bouquet is in front of her like normal, but her hands are angled so the bouquet hangs down in front. I cut the stems as short as I can to allow for this to be as easy as possible for the bride, as you’ll want to hug the stems as close to your body as possible. This is really the one benefit of using a bouquet holder, as far as I’m concerned - the holder is designed to make it easy to design the bouquet’s shape, but the negatives outweigh that. So, angled hands you’ll have!

4) I have to be really specific about the flower and greenery types that I use. I like to use a few focal flowers, as I would normally, but then I’m also looking for stems that naturally have a vertical line or a curved line, to help create that cascade shape. And of course, vines and trailing greenery are a must to make the shape!

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English Garden Themed Wedding at St Charles Country Club

I love a classic wedding every once in a while! Alexis told me that she wanted an ethereal English-garden themed wedding, with a ballet pink and sage green colour palette. I loved the antique floral inspiration and how Alexis was drawn to ruffly, big roses. The wedding came together really easily because she had such a clear vision of her style and I don’t think it could have been prettier!

Charmaine Mallari Photography ~ St Charles Country Club ~ Taylor Neufeld Hair ~ Colour Me Artistry

English Garden Themed Wedding - Winnipeg Wedding Flowers
Classic Blush and Cream Bridal Bouquet - Stone House Creative Winnipeg

For her wedding bouquet, Alexis didn’t want anything too perfectly shaped but also not too wild - just that perfect English garden mix. I used multiple varieties of roses and garden roses to achieve that full, ruffled look she was after and then tucked in some of my other favourites!

Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: White o’hara garden roses, faith roses, quicksand roses, locally grown foxglove and white sweet pea with trailing ivy and eucalyptus.

Garden Inspired Blush and Sage Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
Elegant Blush and Sage Wedding Flowers - Winnipeg's Top Wedding Florist
English Garden Themed Wedding - Winnipeg Wedding Flowers
St Charles Country Club Wedding - Stone House Creative

The reception space was kept fairly simple - since St Charles renovated their banquet room a few seasons ago, it’s become a really lovely, clean backdrop for this type of style. Look at all of that natural light! We decided to do a floral arrangement on each table after looking at some candle options as well, all set in these sweet little stone urns I have. I love the slightly worn patina - it lends itself so well to that garden feel. I tucked a little more green into these centrepieces with the Bells of Ireland, along with the prettiest locally grown phlox and snap dragons. I love using locally grown flowers as much as I can during the summer! And early August is the BEST time - those gardens are fully in bloom with all sorts of great stuff.

Blush and Sage Wedding Centrepiece - Winnipeg Wedding Flowers
Elegant Wedding at St Charles Country Club - Wedding Flowers in Winnipeg
English Garden Themed Wedding in Winnipeg - Flowers by Stone House Creative

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My 2020 waitlist has already been started, and couples interested in full event and floral design will be contacted first about their dates. I offer a limited number of dates for event design each year, in order to allow me to work closely with each couple. Combining event and floral design is the perfect option for couples who live out of town, or couples who feel they need a little extra help in creating the visual plan for their wedding day. Click this link to learn more!