Stone House Creative Turns 5!

I’ve been trying to think about what I would say in this post for a couple of months already. Somehow, Stone House Creative turns 5 this month! And I’m finding that I really can’t put into words…well, anything!

5 years is a long time, and it’s an impressive feat in small businesses. I’m so proud of how this company has grown over these years. When I launched my first website on June 24, 2014, I had no idea where it would go. I received such an incredible response from the wedding community, with the result that I crushed my year 1 goal of booking 2 weddings in that year, and booked 32 instead! In my year-end review blog post after that first full wedding season, I commented that I seemed to be working with the kindest, most excited clients - and in 5 years, that hasn’t changed at all!

Stone House Creative Turns 5 - Winnipeg Wedding Florist

When I started this biz, I was the ripe old age of 25. I was too cautious (I won’t say afraid) to actually tell anyone other than my husband and a couple of close friends that I was launching a business - I didn’t even tell my parents until after I had done it! I have always hated self-promotion and I think that’s what made me keep my lips shut - I really didn’t like the idea of shouting from the rooftops about what I was doing. But you know what? Looking back on that 25 year old young woman, going out on her own and starting a business, I’m pretty dang proud.

I had known for many years that I wanted to run my own business. I just didn’t know what it was going to be. For a while, I thought I wanted to be a wedding planner (thank goodness that didn’t happen…wedding planning is no joke. That is a HARD job). When I started SHC, I had already been working in weddings for 5+ years, in varied positions including banquet serving, writing for a local wedding publication, working as the wedding coordinator for a local floral shop, and doing ad sales and blog/social media writing for Once Wed. I came to the realization that maybe I just wasn’t the best employee. My personality is the type that wants to be integral, that wants to be recognized for my work, and that always wants to take on more. And when you’re not the owner of a business, taking on that kind of workload and responsibility is not necessary, and for me, it was too much. I was always burnt out and exhausted, while still saying YES to taking on more.

So it was a pretty natural fit for me to then open my own doors, so to speak. I had already been shouldering a workload and responsibility far greater than the average employee. One of the things that I love best about running my business is that it actually IS my responsibility. If something goes wrong, it’s MY fault. And if something goes really well and deserves praise, that all comes to me. That’s what my personality type thrives on!

That 25 year old Lauren was ready to take a leap and dive in. I didn’t know then that it was going to be a full-time career, but I did know that I WAS READY TO DO THE WORK. And work I have!

There’s so much that I love about my job. I love sitting down with prospective clients and hearing about their wedding plans, and then dreaming up a custom design for them. I love the recipe writing - I write recipes for every single piece that I design. I love to work with different types of flowers and varieties to create different combinations for each of my clients. I love cleaning the studio (except not on a Saturday afternoon…that’s too exhausting!). I obviously love the actual floral designing! I’d say the only thing I really don’t love about my job is the endless vase and bucket cleaning 🤪

So what’s planned for the next 5 years? That’s a good question! I have ideas and dreams, and some very concrete goals. One big project I have coming up that I’ll be letting you see sneak peeks of is a new brand and website, coming this winter. I’m excited to be working with one of my industry idols, Creme Brands - which is actually something that was on my goal list when I wrote my first biz plan 5 years ago! Now that I have a child, I’m learning to prioritize my time a little differently. I’m taking on fewer weddings that are even more exciting to me. I only take 1 wedding per day, so that I can spend as much time as I need to really make sure it’s perfect.

I won’t tell you too much about my other large goals quite yet, because they require some other big things to fall into place first and we’re a few years out. But you can be sure that in the next 5 years, you’re going to see a lot more flowers and I’ll be putting in a lot more work - and loving it almost every step of the way.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord.” Colossians 3:23

If you’re interested in following along for more regular updates, I post on Instagram every few days with snippets of my summer wedding season and behind the scenes of my work!

The Winnipeg wedding industry is an amazing industry to be a part of. There are a lot of great people, working to make sure that all of your weddings come together wonderfully. There is also a lot of creativity and professionalism, a lot of knowledge and excellent service. It’s an honour to be a part of that. Thank you to all of my colleagues for making every wedding such a great work environment.

Maternity Leave Announcement

I’ve been keeping a secret!

Maternity-155 copy.jpg

I don’t usually share too much of the personal side of my life here - ask me about my business, and I’m an open book, but for a multitude of reasons, I’ve always felt hesitant to share too much about my life on the world wide web, especially now that someone else’s privacy is thrown into the mix. But, my husband, Chad, and I are very excited that baby is coming January 2019 (or maybe a little earlier but I’m keeping my legs crossed for January!). Needless to say, there will be come changes in the coming months.

Maternity-69 copy.jpg

Maternity Leave Details

Starting this week, my mat leave officially begins! I’ll be monitoring my email until the baby shows up, and will then be taking a FULL maternity leave through the end of March. I recognize with gratitude how much of a blessing this dedicated time with the baby will be, and am so happy that even as a self-employed person, I’ll be able to take this time off. During this time I will not be responding to any emails (in fact, my contact form will be turned off). I will begin limited office hours in April and plan to begin meeting with 2020 prospective clients who are already on my waitlist at this point.

Details for 2019 Current Clients

If you are planning a 2019 wedding and are already one of my clients, please feel free to email me directly if anything major comes up. Please title your email MAJOR UPDATE and when I’m back in the office in April, your email will be prioritized (major changes would be things like change of date, cancellation, etc). I may be checking my emails once in a while while I’m on mat leave, but I don’t want to guarantee that before I know what it’s actually like to be a mom! If you have a minor update (table number changes, colour palette change, change in the number of bridal party persons you have, etc) these things can all wait until closer to the wedding. I WILL STILL BE IN TOUCH WITH EACH OF YOU 1 MONTH PRIOR TO THE WEDDING, AS NORMAL. Your payment schedules will not change, though I may forget to click “send” on your invoices so those may once in a while be a little delayed. Blame the baby :)

If you are planning a 2019 wedding and are not yet booked with me, please note that May through September are fully booked and I have zero availability. October and December have limited dates available and I always love the chance to get creative with different seasonal palettes and ingredients! If you’re comfortable waiting to officially book your flowers until the springtime when I begin office hours, please email me at with the subject line “2019 WEDDING - your wedding date” so I can make sure to prioritize your email when I return.

Maternity-99 copy.jpg

Details for Prospective 2020 Clients

My waitlist for 2020 wedding dates is already open! If you wish to have your wedding date placed on the list, please email me directly to with the subject line “2020 WAIT LIST - your wedding date” so I can make sure to pop you onto my list efficiently during the limited windows of time I’ll have while baby naps.
In the body of your email, please include the following details: date of wedding, wedding venue locations, your email address and phone number, the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen you anticipate, your estimated guest count, your estimated wedding flower budget, whether you are interested in floral design only OR if you’re interested in adding on Event Design services as well, along with some details about your vision and ideas for the wedding! If you have a Pinterest board, you can include this link here as well.

Prospective 2020 clients will be added to my waitlist in the order in which the requests are received, and you will be contacted in April/May to set up your complimentary floral appointment so I can begin the proposal process for you. Please note that I do require a minimum floral investment of $2000, with a suggested budget of $3000+ to achieve the look that I find most of my clients desire. Some exceptions may be made for intimate weddings, and clients who are adding on Event Design (typically a $2250 investment on top of their floral budget) may receive first priority of date (though I cannot always guarantee this), as I have limited availability for these services.

My 2019 wedding season begins in May, and while I’m taking on fewer weddings this year than I typically have in the past, I am SO excited for the amazing designs and celebrations that are already planned. I don’t anticipate that you will notice a change in my services aside from a slightly longer email response time, and once in a while, you might see a little baby strapped to my chest on your wedding day ;) I do have a great team prepared to help me with weddings again this year, so don’t worry: you will be in the same excellent hands as always! While my priorities will be shifting a bit, rest assured that caring for my clients and my business will always be one of the things that I love doing the most.

My husband and I have to say an enormous thank you to our friend Brittany Mahood for the blessing that is these photos. We went out to Birds Hill Park on a VERY cold day in October and had such a great time. Neither of us is very good at actually taking photos in our everyday lives, so having Brittany capture this very overwhelming time in our lives in such a beautiful way is an incredible gift. Winnipeg, you have NO idea how lucky you are that this world-class photographer is one of ours. If you’re still looking for your wedding photographer, book her. I promise you’ll love your photos.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout this pregnancy and the kind and excited words that I’ve received from clients and vendor friends as well. Mama friends, especially mom-preneur friends, your advice and feedback on everything from bottles to maternity leave structure has been invaluable. At the beginning, I didn’t think this pregnancy would ever end and now that I’m suddenly close to that point, I feel so much more prepared because of all of your help and guidance.

And, the world’s biggest thank you to my freelance/lead designer, Deanna. I am quite confident that I would not have been able to make it through the early days of this wedding season without her! In the beginning, I was so tired and so slow and she made sure everything happened. In the middle, I was less tired but still so slow 😂and she did such a beautiful job (as she would have anyways!). And in the late days, when I started getting enormous and realized just how much bending my job entails, she packed the van and did all the heavy lifting and climbed all the ladders. Deanna, you are so amazing and I am so blessed to have you on my team. Thank you THANK YOU for working with me!

Extra special thanks to Jessica Kmiec Artistry and Hair by Dana for making me feel so good this day!

2019 Wedding Season Availability Update

It never fails to amaze me how I look forward to each wedding for what feels like SO long (and often, that's 9-16 months before the wedding, so it IS a long time!) and then wham, that wedding has come and gone. Somehow I'm already more than halfway through my 2018 wedding season, and that is blowing my mind! 

With that comes an update on my 2019 wedding season availability! My wedding availability has a tendency to book up really far in advance, and 2019 is no different. I was astonished to realize this weekend that I only have about 4 remaining wedding dates for the summer 2019 months! (I do have a lot of flexibility still in October through December of 2019).

Photos by Ariana Tennyson Photography

So here's the deal: if you want to work with me for your wedding flowers, reach out - like, now. If I'm available, I want to hear as much as possible about your wedding plans and get excited along with you! If I'm not available, I will happily refer you to my network of amazing colleagues whose work I admire!

Here's what I'm looking for and hoping to work on in 2019: 
-Interesting colour palettes with depth, vibrancy, and cheerfulness.
-Ceremony spaces dripping with flowers to create a one-of-a-kind ambiance.
-Spotlight moments throughout your reception, whether that be an incredible guest book table or a sweetheart table that makes an enormous statement.
-Unique combinations! I'm feeling a bit of a tropical vibe lately and would love to explore that with someone cool.
-A rich, amazing FALL wedding  (hellllooo October couples! It's the perfect time for this!). A lot of fall weddings are Crayola coloured...I'd love to do something that takes fall in a more luscious, dramatic direction.
-Coloured table linens. Ha! This might sound a bit weird because it's not a floral wish at all, but I LOVE it when a couple chooses the perfect table linen. Different venues and different styles lend themselves well to different linens - I'm dreaming of rich greens, velvety textures, soft corals...something different than what everyone else is doing. Your table linens take up SO much visual real estate in a room and are worth investing in if you want to make a decor statement!
-Generally, I really love working with couples who are creative and stylish, but who are also comfortable putting their trust in me to pull off their vision and make it even more than what they imagined.

Photos by Kamp Photography

Please note that during my busiest season (June through September), I accept only full weddings with a minimum $2000 investment. "Full" weddings means that I don't take orders that are only for bridal party flowers, but prefer to design for weddings where I can work on ceremony and/or reception decor as well. This is for several reasons:
1) as a studio florist, I have to place bulk flower orders and it doesn't usually make financial sense for me to have to place a large bulk order only to use some of those stems and not have a retail location where I can sell off the rest of the flowers, and
2) I really love being able to design a complete space to really make wedding day a totally amazing experience. Weddings where I get to play a larger role make me really excited and I leave feeling so fulfilled!

Here's a few testimonials from 2018 clients:

Garden-Inspired Wedding Ceremony Flowers - Winnipeg Wedding Florists
Just want to start this off by saying: you - are - amazing! Seriously, your creativity, passion, and dedication is so evident in your work and it was an amazing experience to be one of your brides.When Dan and I got engaged, it was going to be YOU without hesitation and our guests were IN LOVE with the florals. And that ARCH! Wahoo! It turned out so beautifully! Thank you, Lauren! You deserve all the success in the world!
— Alli and Dan
Thank you so much for the stunning floral designs...!! They were INCREDIBLE and exactly how I imagined they would be. I can’t tell you how important the florals were to me and my day would have been nothing without them. I talked about the flowers all night and received so many compliments on them!!
— Meredith and Dylan
Hanging Flowers over Head Table - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg
Vibrant Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
I would absolutely recommend Lauren to anyone. She created the most beautiful arrangements. I gave her minimal direction and really wanted her to just work her magic, and wow, did she ever! Everyone was blown away by her work, and I couldn’t have asked for more.
— Jessica and Liam

So, engaged couples getting married in 2019: I would LOVE to hear from you! Simply click the button below, fill out my contact form (the more detail, the better!) and I will be in touch!

2019 Wedding Bookings Update

Hello everyone!

Wedding season is underway (and with a bang...I've got three weddings this weekend!) and I'm excited to also be heavy into my booking season for 2019 weddings. I know it seems crazy to be booking your wedding flowers so far out, but we tend to have long engagements here in Winnipeg with couples that like to plan their weddings far in advance. 

Here's an update on my 2019 wedding availability: 

May 2019: Limited dates still available in the earlier half of the month
June 2019: Fully booked
July 2019: I've got space for 2 more weddings depending on their size
August 2019: 3-4 more bookings are still available, on August 3, August 10, and August 24!
September 2019: 3-4 more bookings, depending on their size
October: Pretty flexible, aside from the Thanksgiving weekend which is fully booked

So, if you've been wanting to sit down with me to discuss your wedding flower needs, click the button below to set up an appointment. 

Next year, I'm really excited to be working at many incredible outdoor venues and properties, designing in some really fun and creative colour palettes, and with couples who love flowers and want to put a major focus on unique designs (not just what they've seen on Pinterest). I'd love to create a floral design plan just for you!

I've got some other great things going on these days!
-Last week I hosted two Mother's Day flower classes (SO much fun!) and I'll be planning another floral arranging class mid-summer with all locally grown flowers. 
-I also took part in a creative photo shoot last week, with Casey Nolin and Inspired Elegance Events, with a delish palette of peaches, corals, orange and salmon. So refreshing and I can't wait to show you the photos!
-One Tuesday, May 22 between 3 pm and 8 pm I'll be at Cielo's Garden for their open house. If you're a 2018 or 2019 couple getting hitched at Cielo's, make sure you come by to talk details with Carla and talk flowers with me!
-One of the things I'm looking forward to the most is a free week coming up in June, during which I have no weddings and instead will just be playing with flowers for myself, trying new techniques and new-to-me varieties of flowers. I can't wait!
-Wedding season is underway and I think I'm more excited for this season than ever before. It's going to be so great!

Announcing the First Flower Therapy Class!

Flower-Therapy-Class-Winnipeg -- Winnipeg-Creative-Workshop.jpeg

I totally get it. Winter is taking forever. And every winter, I reach a breaking point: I just need colour, lightness, and something to take me out of my every day dull.
So, I invite you to join my in my first Flower Therapy Class! 

I want to share with you where this idea came from. Last winter, January and February were particularly stressful for me. There was something going on with my business that was out of my control (in fact, it was in the fairly pathetic control of Canada Post) and while it seemed like it should be a small thing, it was wreaking havoc on my business, and more importantly, my mental health. A very expensive parcel was lost in the mail, and the person to whom I was returning it was threatening to sue me for it. She is a small business owner as well, so I completely understood where her panic was coming from - she really needed that package. But aside from calling Canada Post every single day, sometimes several times a day, there was literally nothing I could do. 

I needed a mental health day. In a month that was nothing but dreary outside and the constant stress of this person's threats on my mind, I needed to escape my life for a little while. And for me, that came in the shape of a day playing with flowers. I paid a visit to my wholesaler, where I picked up whatever I wanted. I chose a light, fresh, springy colour palette and flowers that I simply gravitated towards. My time that day was passed with slow movements, acknowledging the entrancing details of each stem, gently placing them into arrangements that I made for no one but myself.

I know that I'm not the only one out there for whom winter is intolerable. I know that I'm not the only one who needs a mental health day now and again. And I know I'm not the only one who craves colour in the midst of these dreary months. So I'm hosting this Flower Therapy Class and welcome anyone who fits into those categories above, or any other category that you fit into. Come and join me, play with flowers, and leave with a lovely arrangement that will inspire you and fill your home with cheer.

Registration is open now - I hope you'll join us! Seating is limited as our space is pretty small so if you're interested, make sure to head over to the registration page HERE as soon as you can!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at!