What Is Event Design?

I've been working in weddings for just about 9 years now, and trends and styles have come and gone. What hasn't is the way that I feel about weddings: "the best" weddings that I've seen or been a part of (aka my favourites) have been the best because of the ways that the wedding makes you feel. They're the best because of how I've been able to see how the couple comes out in the details. As a guest, you walk into the wedding and feel a sense of recognition - you're definitely at the right wedding.

That's why I love being a part of full event design so much. It's about so much more than just the details - yes, we start there, and they play a major role in communicating your style and vision to the guests - but it's more about the way that you want your wedding to feel.

Event design is about designing beyond the flowers. Developing your style, figuring out what it is that will make your wedding special, unique and personal, and then pulling together all of the vendors who will be a part of that - linens and decor rentals, lighting, stationery, cake design - is all part of the process.

To me, a beautiful event isn’t one that has every single little detail that Pinterest shows you, but rather a wedding where the design components are considerately planned, and thoughtfully styled and executed in a personal way. I love taking all of the bits and pieces that you’ve imagined and lend an experienced eye to bring it together into a cohesive, well-designed event...not a wedding that you've already seen on Pinterest, but a wedding that honestly reflects the two of you.

Looking for a wedding event designer in Winnipeg?

Getting married in Manitoba? I have the availability to accept 2-3 full event design commissions for 2019. This service is booked in tandem with wedding flowers, and really allows me to help you create a wedding experience that really and truly reflects you and will put your guests at ease.

(Popular 2019 wedding dates are already booking up!)

How to Make a White and Green Wedding Unique

One of the most frequently requested wedding palettes I get is white and green. To be honest with you, this stresses me out a bit, because it can be very difficult to make a white and green wedding unique. I want all of my weddings to feel personalized and special, so you can see where my struggle comes in. 

So today, I want to show you different wants to make a white and green wedding palette unique! 

Add an Accent Colour to the Flowers

Blush has been a very popular accent for the past few seasons. In 2017, I'm tucking in shades of burgundy, caramel, lavender and blues to add a bit of dimension and interest. Adding in a delicate touch of colour doesn't mean that you suddenly have a colourful wedding. I'm talking about a ratio of about 10% colour accent and 90% white and green. With a touch of colour, you get a distinct effect depending on the accent shade chosen: light blue becomes whimsical, burgundy becomes luxe, caramel becomes fresh. 

luckygirl photography

Bring in a Lot of Texture

Bringing in a lot of texture adds interest. In the ceremony arrangement below, the texture is brought in through several different types of eucalyptus. Different shapes of leaves and the introduction of seeds make this feel interesting and fresh.

Accent with Natural Elements

I also love the idea of introducing natural textures - branches, pods, twigs, vines, herbs. For some wedding ceremony installations, I have gathered sticks for months ahead of time, knowing that they were going to add in a beautiful touch.

Layer in Different Shades in Your Reception Decor

I always like to select one key foundational colour to use throughout a wedding and tie it all together. I usually prefer something that's softer and more neutral, but it doesn't have to be that way! A white and green wedding palette works well with all sorts of great foundational colours, like soft grey, brown, champagne, blush, other shades of green, mocha, light blue, burgundy, lilac...really, anything!

Choose a Different Tone of Foliage

This is definitely one of the simplest ways to make your white and green bridal bouquet look differently than all the other white and green bridal bouquets. For Katie's bouquet below, I tucked in green viburnum (which is actually a flower!) and the fresh, bright green was a great choice. Or, you can go a completely different route with a different colour of foliage altogether! Magnolia is a gorgeous choice with those big, velvety, coppery leaves and copper beech foliage is also awesome. This would be amazing for a fall or winter wedding.



Christine and Brent's Wedding at The Gates on Roblin

Christine's bridal bouquet was one of my absolute favourites of the year! It was just so much fun to put together. I chose so many fantastic flowers for her, and she loved everything ruffly and girly. It was such a pleasure to be a part of this wedding! Oh, and seriously - not that I need to point it out because I'm sure that every one will already see it...but how hot is this bridal party!? Special thank you to Curtis from Moore Photography for the great images!

PS An extra special congratulations to Christine and Brent whose next big adventure is parenthood! 

Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, spray roses, astilbe, Queen Anne's Lace, baby's breath, and eucalyptus. 

Photos: Moore Photography ~ Linens: Planned Perfectly ~ Venue: The Gates on Roblin

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Lantern and Wreath Centrepiece - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg

Christine found a really cute assortment of white lanterns, which we accented with a simple greenery wreath and a few pops of light pink floral.

Jungle-Inspired Dinner Party

Man, am I ever late on blogging this amazing dinner party! Early this spring, Emily from Feast & Festivities contacted me about a dinner party she was planning. She wanted to do something different - an industrial jungle theme it was!

I know that most people don't want to spend a fortune on decor for a dinner party, so Emily's idea was to use simple, jungle-esque greenery to pop on the table. It's a great idea - it doesn't take up a lot of space, provides a rich pop of colour, and is so simple to do! using different heights and sizes of cylinder vases, along with different types of tropical leaves, created a varied look with lots of interest. Emily also crafted some really cute DIYs and a signature cocktail called the "Jungle Rumble." Get her top tips for hosting a great dinner party on her site, here!

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Kaeleigh and Craig's Berry Toned Wedding at Bridges Golf Course

GUYS. Any time you tell me that you want berry tones, or any kind of rich and vibrant colour palette, I'm going to get seriously excited. When we started planning Kaeleigh's flowers, she pulled out a stack of paint colour swatches to show me the vibrancy and pigmentation that she wanted. I LOVED it. Magenta, plum, raspberry, lilac, fuchsia, and a delicate touch of blush combined to create just the most perfect colour palette for a summertime wedding (and worked beautifully with her soft blush gown!).

Berry Toned Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg

SERIOUSLY. Am I right, or am I right? I looked forward to designing this bouquet for a long time :) Kaeleigh's bridal bouquet featured stock, anemones, locally grown ranunculus, spray roses, several varieties of standard roses, and my favourite - delicious, rich foxglove. The reception was held at Bridges Golf Course, where I added colour to the tables with wreaths and lanterns. 

Special thank you to Izabela from Rachwal Photography - she's awesome! If you're looking for a wedding photographer, look her up!

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Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: Faith roses, Morisca Roses, Blueberry roses, stock, foxglove, ranunculus, anemones, spray roses, Italian Ruscus, and silver dollar eucalyptus.