Jessica + Jason's Sweet Wedding at Bridges Golf Course

Jason and I went to elementary and junior high together, and he has a pretty unique last name, so when Jessica sent me an inquiry and mentioned his name, I thought: there's no way there can be two of these guys that I don't know about. I was right! Jason was always fun and goofy, and it was so nice to then meet Jessica and find out that Jason was marrying a delightful, charming, kind and lovely woman. They are the sweetest! 

Photos by Kamp Photography

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Jessica and Jason had a sweet wedding at Bridges Golf Course, and I worked with a light, airy palette of blush, white, and pale blue. Jessica was pretty open to what flowers I used, and seeing as they got married in May, I chose to use peonies (obviously), locally grown double tulips, sweet William, delphinium, spray roses, campanula, and per Jessica's request, baby's breath! 

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The wedding ceremony was in the mezzanine area at Riverwood Church - isn't is gorgeous? The couple built this arch and I added this floral piece to the corner. It just needed this one piece and all the attention was drawn to them!

Then we headed over to Bridges Golf Course! Their reception space is always beautiful. It's on the rustic side, with lots of natural light, and it looks great with a soft or neutral colour palette. When we were talking about centrepieces, we needed to strike a balance between lovely and fresh, and cost-effective. I love floating flowers and their striking simplicity, so I thought, let's do peonies. We floated a single blush peony in a glass vase, with a trio of gold-rimmed votives around. It looked lovely!

Floating Peony Centrepiece - Winnipeg Wedding Flowers
Buttercream Cake with Flowers - Wedding Florist Winnipeg

Rarely do I get to do the flowers on the wedding cake, and so this one was a TON of fun for me! A friend of Jessica's made the cake, and I added a few clusters of floral and greenery (all were made food-safe, don't worry! I'm super cautious about naked floral stems going into a cake. I don't want any flower juices oozing into your wedding cake!). 

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Kim and Adam's White and Green Summer Wedding at Bridges Golf Course

Kim and Adam's summer wedding at Bridges Golf Course was a great one! Especially great, because Kim is an incredibly caring and devoted friend, and my own little sister was one of Kim's bridesmaids so I know this for a fact :) She planned her wedding to perfection, had great ideas, and was incredibly organized. She sought a somewhat rustic aesthetic, which works really well with the decor at Bridges, and always looks good in a simple white and green palette!

Photos: The wonderful Pantel Photography | Linens and Chairs: Dream Day Decorators | Lighting: Event Light | Calligraphy, Table Numbers, Place Cards: Amanda Bawdon | Venue: Bridges Golf Course | Dress: Hayley Paige from Bliss Bridal Boutique | Cakes: Laugh Love Cakes

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In keeping with the rustic theme, I actually used twigs and branches within the bouquets, along with locally grown zinnias and scabiosa that brought a perfect summery, rustic texture.

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White Summer Wedding Bouquet - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg

Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: Locally grown Zinnias, Scabiosa and Lisianthus, Dahlias, Waxflower, Twigs, Ivy Vines, Boxwood, and Nagi

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I loved designing the flowers for this arch! Adam, the groom, built the wooden structure for me to use. I first added on the draping, which was quite a challenge because it was SUPER windy that day! I then added on this greenery garland, followed by the flowers designed in two separate pieces (they were later taken off of the arch and moved to the head table - I love getting double duty out of ceremony flowers!). I kept it simple, using just large headed white roses and white delphinium. Each bloom was nice and big, and I chose to place them each on a different plane. I find this creates a more natural feel, which is especially suitable for a rustic, outdoor wedding, rather than flowers designed in a dense, unnatural way.

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Indoors at the reception, I started with this really cool hanging branch piece over the head table. Event Light added in twinkling lights, so it created a really pretty effect over the bridal party all night. I used a lovely stone urn for the centrepieces, and tucked in white flowers along with a ton of greenery.

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Kaeleigh and Craig's Berry Toned Wedding at Bridges Golf Course

GUYS. Any time you tell me that you want berry tones, or any kind of rich and vibrant colour palette, I'm going to get seriously excited. When we started planning Kaeleigh's flowers, she pulled out a stack of paint colour swatches to show me the vibrancy and pigmentation that she wanted. I LOVED it. Magenta, plum, raspberry, lilac, fuchsia, and a delicate touch of blush combined to create just the most perfect colour palette for a summertime wedding (and worked beautifully with her soft blush gown!).

Berry Toned Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg

SERIOUSLY. Am I right, or am I right? I looked forward to designing this bouquet for a long time :) Kaeleigh's bridal bouquet featured stock, anemones, locally grown ranunculus, spray roses, several varieties of standard roses, and my favourite - delicious, rich foxglove. The reception was held at Bridges Golf Course, where I added colour to the tables with wreaths and lanterns. 

Special thank you to Izabela from Rachwal Photography - she's awesome! If you're looking for a wedding photographer, look her up!

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Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: Faith roses, Morisca Roses, Blueberry roses, stock, foxglove, ranunculus, anemones, spray roses, Italian Ruscus, and silver dollar eucalyptus.

Lindsay and Maciek's Romantic Garden Wedding at Bridges Golf Course

I loved designing Lindsay's wedding flowers. Feminine textures, a romantic palette, garden-inspired blooms and a loose, cascading shape...this girl has killer style. One look at her amazing dress and you know that I'm telling the truth! I loved the combination of creams and greens with touches of blush, and I chose to use peonies, roses, stock, spray roses, Star of Bethlehem, and Queen Anne's Lace with mixed dusty miller, foraged olive, and ivy vines. I also loved the bridesmaid bouquets - light and full, and so pretty! We finished up all the bouquets with lovely silk ribbon from newly launched Canadian company Stella Wolfe (if all my brides brought me silks from Stella Wolfe, I wouldn't be complaining. Just saying.).

I'm so glad that Kampphotography got some amazing photos of the flowers, because I did a terrible job with my iphone-ography, as per usual. Thanks guys!

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Lisa and Andrew's Winter Wedding at Bridges

Early in January, Lisa and Andrew got married in a rustic winter-themed wedding. I've actually known Andrew for probably 15 years, through mutual friends and he's always kept me laughing. I met Lisa at a wedding - the two on them happened to be sitting in front of me! I had a great time working with her on the plans for the wedding flowers. She wanted an all-white, textured bouquet with hits of silver and let me take it from there! Her bouquet was composed of hydrangea, stock, spray roses, ranunculus, wax flower, silver seeded eucalyptus, and dusty miller.

Thank you to Izabela, at Rachwal Photography for the lovely photos! She always takes such beautiful photos of flowers. 

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