English Garden Themed Wedding at St Charles Country Club

I love a classic wedding every once in a while! Alexis told me that she wanted an ethereal English-garden themed wedding, with a ballet pink and sage green colour palette. I loved the antique floral inspiration and how Alexis was drawn to ruffly, big roses. The wedding came together really easily because she had such a clear vision of her style and I don’t think it could have been prettier!

Charmaine Mallari Photography ~ St Charles Country Club ~ Taylor Neufeld Hair ~ Colour Me Artistry

English Garden Themed Wedding - Winnipeg Wedding Flowers
Classic Blush and Cream Bridal Bouquet - Stone House Creative Winnipeg

For her wedding bouquet, Alexis didn’t want anything too perfectly shaped but also not too wild - just that perfect English garden mix. I used multiple varieties of roses and garden roses to achieve that full, ruffled look she was after and then tucked in some of my other favourites!

Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: White o’hara garden roses, faith roses, quicksand roses, locally grown foxglove and white sweet pea with trailing ivy and eucalyptus.

Garden Inspired Blush and Sage Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
Elegant Blush and Sage Wedding Flowers - Winnipeg's Top Wedding Florist
English Garden Themed Wedding - Winnipeg Wedding Flowers
St Charles Country Club Wedding - Stone House Creative

The reception space was kept fairly simple - since St Charles renovated their banquet room a few seasons ago, it’s become a really lovely, clean backdrop for this type of style. Look at all of that natural light! We decided to do a floral arrangement on each table after looking at some candle options as well, all set in these sweet little stone urns I have. I love the slightly worn patina - it lends itself so well to that garden feel. I tucked a little more green into these centrepieces with the Bells of Ireland, along with the prettiest locally grown phlox and snap dragons. I love using locally grown flowers as much as I can during the summer! And early August is the BEST time - those gardens are fully in bloom with all sorts of great stuff.

Blush and Sage Wedding Centrepiece - Winnipeg Wedding Flowers
Elegant Wedding at St Charles Country Club - Wedding Flowers in Winnipeg
English Garden Themed Wedding in Winnipeg - Flowers by Stone House Creative

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Maternity Leave Announcement

I’ve been keeping a secret!

Maternity-155 copy.jpg

I don’t usually share too much of the personal side of my life here - ask me about my business, and I’m an open book, but for a multitude of reasons, I’ve always felt hesitant to share too much about my life on the world wide web, especially now that someone else’s privacy is thrown into the mix. But, my husband, Chad, and I are very excited that baby is coming January 2019 (or maybe a little earlier but I’m keeping my legs crossed for January!). Needless to say, there will be come changes in the coming months.

Maternity-69 copy.jpg

Maternity Leave Details

Starting this week, my mat leave officially begins! I’ll be monitoring my email until the baby shows up, and will then be taking a FULL maternity leave through the end of March. I recognize with gratitude how much of a blessing this dedicated time with the baby will be, and am so happy that even as a self-employed person, I’ll be able to take this time off. During this time I will not be responding to any emails (in fact, my contact form will be turned off). I will begin limited office hours in April and plan to begin meeting with 2020 prospective clients who are already on my waitlist at this point.

Details for 2019 Current Clients

If you are planning a 2019 wedding and are already one of my clients, please feel free to email me directly if anything major comes up. Please title your email MAJOR UPDATE and when I’m back in the office in April, your email will be prioritized (major changes would be things like change of date, cancellation, etc). I may be checking my emails once in a while while I’m on mat leave, but I don’t want to guarantee that before I know what it’s actually like to be a mom! If you have a minor update (table number changes, colour palette change, change in the number of bridal party persons you have, etc) these things can all wait until closer to the wedding. I WILL STILL BE IN TOUCH WITH EACH OF YOU 1 MONTH PRIOR TO THE WEDDING, AS NORMAL. Your payment schedules will not change, though I may forget to click “send” on your invoices so those may once in a while be a little delayed. Blame the baby :)

If you are planning a 2019 wedding and are not yet booked with me, please note that May through September are fully booked and I have zero availability. October and December have limited dates available and I always love the chance to get creative with different seasonal palettes and ingredients! If you’re comfortable waiting to officially book your flowers until the springtime when I begin office hours, please email me at info@stonehouseweddings.com with the subject line “2019 WEDDING - your wedding date” so I can make sure to prioritize your email when I return.

Maternity-99 copy.jpg

Details for Prospective 2020 Clients

My waitlist for 2020 wedding dates is already open! If you wish to have your wedding date placed on the list, please email me directly to info@stonehouseweddings.com with the subject line “2020 WAIT LIST - your wedding date” so I can make sure to pop you onto my list efficiently during the limited windows of time I’ll have while baby naps.
In the body of your email, please include the following details: date of wedding, wedding venue locations, your email address and phone number, the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen you anticipate, your estimated guest count, your estimated wedding flower budget, whether you are interested in floral design only OR if you’re interested in adding on Event Design services as well, along with some details about your vision and ideas for the wedding! If you have a Pinterest board, you can include this link here as well.

Prospective 2020 clients will be added to my waitlist in the order in which the requests are received, and you will be contacted in April/May to set up your complimentary floral appointment so I can begin the proposal process for you. Please note that I do require a minimum floral investment of $2000, with a suggested budget of $3000+ to achieve the look that I find most of my clients desire. Some exceptions may be made for intimate weddings, and clients who are adding on Event Design (typically a $2250 investment on top of their floral budget) may receive first priority of date (though I cannot always guarantee this), as I have limited availability for these services.

My 2019 wedding season begins in May, and while I’m taking on fewer weddings this year than I typically have in the past, I am SO excited for the amazing designs and celebrations that are already planned. I don’t anticipate that you will notice a change in my services aside from a slightly longer email response time, and once in a while, you might see a little baby strapped to my chest on your wedding day ;) I do have a great team prepared to help me with weddings again this year, so don’t worry: you will be in the same excellent hands as always! While my priorities will be shifting a bit, rest assured that caring for my clients and my business will always be one of the things that I love doing the most.

My husband and I have to say an enormous thank you to our friend Brittany Mahood for the blessing that is these photos. We went out to Birds Hill Park on a VERY cold day in October and had such a great time. Neither of us is very good at actually taking photos in our everyday lives, so having Brittany capture this very overwhelming time in our lives in such a beautiful way is an incredible gift. Winnipeg, you have NO idea how lucky you are that this world-class photographer is one of ours. If you’re still looking for your wedding photographer, book her. I promise you’ll love your photos.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout this pregnancy and the kind and excited words that I’ve received from clients and vendor friends as well. Mama friends, especially mom-preneur friends, your advice and feedback on everything from bottles to maternity leave structure has been invaluable. At the beginning, I didn’t think this pregnancy would ever end and now that I’m suddenly close to that point, I feel so much more prepared because of all of your help and guidance.

And, the world’s biggest thank you to my freelance/lead designer, Deanna. I am quite confident that I would not have been able to make it through the early days of this wedding season without her! In the beginning, I was so tired and so slow and she made sure everything happened. In the middle, I was less tired but still so slow 😂and she did such a beautiful job (as she would have anyways!). And in the late days, when I started getting enormous and realized just how much bending my job entails, she packed the van and did all the heavy lifting and climbed all the ladders. Deanna, you are so amazing and I am so blessed to have you on my team. Thank you THANK YOU for working with me!

Extra special thanks to Jessica Kmiec Artistry and Hair by Dana for making me feel so good this day!

Luxurious Wine-Inspired Fall Wedding at Hawthorn Estates

I’ve been so looking forward to Ana and Sam’s luxurious, wine-inspired fall wedding at Hawthorn Estates because I have been so excited for the venue! Since seeing the plans for their re-build after the fire they experienced two winters ago, I knew that it was going to be a STUNNING venue for weddings. They made so many good decisions in terms of the structure’s design and finishings, and even better for me, they added in so many features that make it really easy for floral and event designers like me to have a LOT of flower fun :)

Sugar & Soul Photography ~ Amanda Douglas Events ~ Hawthorn Estates ~ Planned Perfectly ~ Bliss Bridal Boutique ~ High Tea Bakery ~ Urban Prairie Cuisine

Luxurious Fall Wedding at Hawthorn Estates - Winnipeg Wedding Florist
Luxurious Fall Wedding Bouquet - Stone House Creative

Okay, flower time! Ana wanted a pretty good sized bouquet with a slight cascading shape, but a modern take on it. I still designed this with a hand-tied method (meaning no floral foam - #yay for the environment!!), and layered in different blooms in shades of deep reds, light pinks, and creams with plenty of greenery.

Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: Secret garden roses, black beauty roses, white majolica spray roses, burgundy cymbidium orchids, burgundy dahlias, white waxflower, burgundy hypericum berries, burgundy astilbe, with several types of foliages.

Burgundy and Blush Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg
Burgundy Fall Wedding Ideas - Weddings at Hawthorn Estates, Manitoba
Wine Inspired Fall Wedding at Hawthorn Estates - Winnipeg Wedding Florist
Fall Wedding Inspiration in Winnipeg - Winnipeg Wedding Photographers
Church Weddings in Winnipeg - Winnipeg Wedding Planning

For the church ceremony, the couple requested some flowers at the front of the church to define the altar space, garland-style aisle arrangements, and something for the back of the two chairs they’d sit in at the front. I chose to feature the cymbidium orchids throughout the ceremony florals.

Greenery Aisle Decor - Church Weddings in Winnipeg
Hawthorn Estates Weddings Winnipeg - Stone House Creative

Given how awesome Hawthorn Estates is and how well-built it is, I decided that we should take full advantage and create multiple floral focal points throughout the room: 1) the head table 2) the fireplace and 3) the entry way/staircase. Thanks to the couple’s planner, Amanda Douglas Events, for letting me do what I do here and just giving me full reign!

Hanging Flowers at Head Table - Hawthorn Estates Wedding by Stone House Creative

The Head Table
Hawthorn thoughtfully included a sturdy set of move-able arms that can extend from the wall behind the head table to allow for a hanging installation over the table. Whoop whoop! Love it. They also have a vintage ladder that typically hangs here, though I don’t believe that you have to use it if you don’t like that vibe. For Ana and Sam, it worked perfectly as a base for the full hanging arrangement that I was planning. I loved adding in the hanging orchid blooms - Ana’s mom had the idea of incorporating orchids, and I ended up with the MOST FULL stems of cymbidium orchids I’ve ever experienced so I had a ton of leftover blooms and was super excited to add them into this design. Pretty good for a last minute addition, eh?

I decided to add in mixed greenery and grapes lining the front of the head table, for colour and texture as well as to emphasize the wine theme. I also really loved the idea of creating a vine-like piece behind the head table, so I “grew up” some viney greenery on the beams on either side of the head table.

Garden Inspired Wedding Flowers - Wedding Flowers in Winnipeg

The Fireplace
First of all, don’t judge Mel from Sugar & Soul on the above photo. That was taken with my iphone and I just wanted to include it so you could see the full set up :) I know it’s nowhere near as good as what hers would have been!

The fireplace is built of beautiful, neutral stone with a gorgeous driftwood mantle. We kept this design fairly similar to the head table in terms of the elements included - greenery, grapes, and coordinating florals in cut glass stem vases. Since this wasn’t the main focal point in the room, I didn’t want to go over the top with the design - though I can envision some AMAZING things happening with this fireplace and florals if this were to be the backdrop for your head table! I have so many good ideas and will just keep them percolating for the right couple :)

Greenery and Floral Staircase at Wedding - Hawthorn EStates Wedding

This piece came about through me wanting to find a really good way to incorporate both the ceremony aisle garlands, along with adding more vine-like greenery to the space. As you can see, I decided to “grow” greenery up the main post and the staircase, adding a luxurious component that certainly isn’t necessary in this beautiful of a space, but still adds a little something extra special!

For the guest tables, Amanda Douglas Events had helped the couple choose these beautiful, soft metallic table linens that looked really good with the colouring of the venue and with the chairs. We decided on a low centrepiece (truth be told, I’m often hesitant to do tall centrepieces in most spaces - something about them just so often feels off in my opinion), with florals and colours to coordinate with the rest of the wedding. Burgundy and light pink roses, touches of cream, and plenty of green in my bronze urn were perfect on the tables.

Wine-Inspired Wedding Centrepieces - Wedding Florists Winnipeg
Charcuterie Display at Wedding - CHEW Catering in Winnipeg

You guys can’t imagine how disappointed I was to be pregnant when I saw this unreal charcuterie display from CHEW. Invited guest or not, I would not have been able to resist stealing a few little bites had I been medically allowed! And the incredible dessert display below from High Tea Bakery was so tempting (in fact, I did take a tiny bite of gluten free brownie after helping to set up the whole table and it was DELISH).

Luxurious Wedding Flowers Winnipeg - Winnipeg Wedding Floral and Event Designer
Romantic Wedding at Hawthorn Estates - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
Weddings at Hawthorn Estates - Stone House Creative Flowers

Thank you, Ana and Sam, for trusting me with your vision and letting me run with it! I loved being able to work in this new space. It was awesome to not feel restricted to what had been done in the space previously, because it was literally being built while we were planning their wedding! And by the way, if you’re a Hawthorn couple, I have SO many ideas for florals and design in here (including some really sweet ideas for a ceremony in their solarium area!) and I’d love to talk with you about your wedding!

And yes, it did snow on their wedding day. So much for a September wedding!

Fall Wedding Flowers Winnipeg - Wedding Flower Ideas in Winnipeg

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From Sketches to Reality - How Wedding Design Comes Together

Sketching isn’t something that I do for every client, but it serves many purposes in my job. I love being able to provide my clients with superior customer service, and sometimes, sketches are needed to do just that. So, I wanted to show you all a little behind the scenes - from sketches to reality, how a wedding design comes together!

Most of the time when I sketch, it’s either to communicate a vision that isn’t clearly understood or shared, or it’s for an event design client who receives more detailed design plans as a part of working with me. I love being able to sketch out different elements for my event design clients, especially when they happen to live out of town. It helps them to make sure that I understand the features and limitations of the venues they’ve chosen, and above all, shows them that I have great ideas for how we can personalize their wedding and make sure that theirs will be a celebration that is really and truly custom to them.

This combination was one of my most popular posts on Instagram this year - and it’s what made me realize that you all like to see the behind the scenes a little more! Lise came to me inspired by maypoles and dreaming of a whimsical garden party. For her head table at Cielo’s Garden, I came up with the idea of a maypole-inspired floral chandelier but felt like my words were doing a poor job of describing what I was picturing - enter the sketch!
Photo by Ariana Tennyson

For Jessica and Liam’s wedding at the Rustic Wedding Barn, we wanted to do something a little fuller and more special for their head table and I wanted to give her and her wedding planner a visual to make sure we were on the same page. Sometimes when there are multiple heads involved in the design process, things can get a little muddy so it’s best to be as clear as possible!
Photo by Sugar & Soul Photography

Celia and Cam’s fall wedding at The Kitchen Sync was so lovely and intimate! They were planning from long distance, which can make it extra tricky to communicate a vision well. In this case, I did up two side-by-side sketches of a table garland option to communicate two budget options, showing differing amounts of greenery, floral spotlights, and candles. While this doesn’t always show the exact scale, I tried really hard to make this as close to accurate as possible and then allowed them to choose what budget point they were most comfortable with!
Photo by Sugar & Soul Photography

Heather (and her mom, who was very involved in the planning) wanted a feminine, garden-inspired wedding with lots of florals. The ballroom at St Charles Country Club is somewhat strangely U shaped, with low ceilings, so we felt that it would be really important to create a major focal point for the head table and I wanted to use these gold stands that were a new rental item for me. Mid-way through the planning, Heather’s mom was unsure if she liked the idea of a differently shaped head table, if it should have floral on it, etc. Sketching it out helped her to visualize the overall design, and also helped to calm her nerves about how it would look.
Photo by Joel Ross

I love being able to create a new vision for a space that’s been used a lot before. The loft space at Fort Gibraltar is used for a lot of wedding ceremonies (especially winter ones!) and I knew I wanted to do something different, that hadn’t been done there before. Rachel and Matt loved the idea of a hanging installation, and given that they were having a December wedding, I wanted it to be fragrant and seasonal. We wanted to incorporate lights (originally, we were planning on using cafe lights but on the day of, the venue told us we had to use the little Christmas lights to avoid the bulbs getting too hot, which was a bummer but it still worked out!).
Photo by Sugar & Soul Photography

And of course, sometimes sketching things out makes it obvious that it’s not the right design for a particular wedding. Here are a few of my favourite sketches that didn’t come to fruition, but would still be gorgeous options for a wedding!

Eclectic Wedding Flower Ideas - Sketches of Wedding Flowers

Above and below were original design plans for Stephanie and Andrew, for whom I provided event design as well as floral design. While the overall plan stayed relatively the same, some things were edited or eliminated - like the potted fern table numbers.
Photo at bottom right by Ariana Tennyson

Fireplace Mantle Wedding Flower Ideas - Winnipeg's Top Wedding Florist

The sketches above and below are based on a wedding that I dreamed up at Whitetail Meadow for a competition I was a part of at the Team Flower Conference in 2018 (I ended up receiving the top award for this portion, “Mastery in Communication”). If you want me to make this a reality for you, I will do so VERY gladly!

Fall Wedding Ceremony Flower Ideas - Outdoor Weddings in Winnipeg
Wedding Ceremony Arch Flowers - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg

This arch and head table sketch served very useful for my communication for a bride who spoke English, but not comfortably, and who also did most of her planning from China. I could tell she was worried that I wouldn’t understand her because of the language barrier, so putting these sketches together helped her to feel more comfortable and know that I shared her vision and understood what she was looking for!

From Sketch to Reality - Hanging Greenery Garland over Head Table

The sketches below actually did come mostly to life for another event design client in 2017 (we ended up changing the ceremony design), but I never received the professional photos to share with you. I was so pleased on the day of the wedding - these sketches truly became reality and were just what I had promised to the clients. This was another case of a couple who lived out of town and were planning from another province, and I wanted to make the entire event and floral design process as simple as possible for them. Providing them with detailed ideas and sketches made them feel extra comfortable, despite the long distance.

Looking for a Wedding Floral and Event Designer in Winnipeg?

My 2020 waitlist has already been started, and couples interested in full event and floral design will be contacted first about their dates. I offer a limited number of dates for event design each year, in order to allow me to work closely with each couple. Combining event and floral design is the perfect option for couples who live out of town, or couples who feel they need a little extra help in creating the visual plan for their wedding day. Click this link to learn more!

Ainslie and Josh's Modern Restaurant Wedding at SMITH

Ainslie and Josh’s modern wedding at SMITH on the September long weekend was one of my favourites of the year! Normally, an all white and green palette doesn’t get me too excited, but I have to say that I love the way this one come together. Modern, clean, and simple elements created a stunning design.

The couple lives out of province, so most of our planning was done over email (though I did get to have an initial in-person meeting with her, which gave me a really good opportunity to get a feel for her style). I really enjoy working with out of town couples - they tend to put more trust in the professionals that they hire rather than micromanaging us, which in my opinion always results in the best final product. It gives us the chance to think outside of the typical Pinterest box and come up with something great for each couple!

Kamp Photography ~ Soiree Event Planning ~ Minted ~ SMITH Restaurant ~ Jenna Rae Cakes ~ Big City All Star Band

Modern Wedding at SMITH Restaurant - Winnipeg Wedding Florists

I may go a little over the top with bouquet pictures here. Kamp Photography did an AWESOME job of taking these flower photos (not every photographer does, so I always LOVE it when they do!) and I really love how they turned out. Ainslie wanted her bouquet to feel organic and somewhat natural without being too crazy. Her all white and green palette was punctuated with deep hits of super dark textured bits to make it interesting.

Modern, Garden-Inspired Wedding Bouquet - Wedding Florists in Winnipeg

Bridal bouquet ingredients: garden roses, ranunculus, dahlias, scabiosa, and privet berries with jasmine vine and silver dollar eucalyptus with burgundy smokebush foliage for a little extra depth.

White and Burgundy Wedding Bouquet - Stone House Creative
Modern White and Black Wedding - Weddings in Winnipeg
Assiniboine Park Wedding Photos - Winnipeg Wedding Photographers
Winnipeg Wedding Photographers - Wedding Planning in Winnipeg
Modern Black and White Wedding - Weddings in Winnipeg

I just posted another wedding at SMITH a few weeks ago, and it had a completely different feel. I love how we went with a modern, minimal vibe for Ainslie and Josh’s wedding. Ainslie had a very specific budget that she was comfortable spending, and within that budget and her style and colour palette, she let me do basically whatever I wanted. I elected to keep the arrangements streamlined, with single-ingredient arrangements of white stock in geometric black vases, smaller arrangements in stem vases, and plenty of mod black pillar candles. I also used floating black candles in copper lined bowls, and tucked in some loose greenery on each table. I loved the stationery that they ordered from Minted - the table numbers, place cards and menus perfectly completed the look!

SMITH Restaurant Wedding - Stone House Creative
Weddings at SMITH Restaurant - Winnipeg Wedding Florist
Restaurant Weddings in Winnipeg - Stone House Creative
Minimal Wedding at SMITH Winnipeg - Winnipeg's Top Wedding Florists

This is a lot more food photos than I would normally include, but GUYS. Look at this! How AMAZING does this wedding reception look? Live music, unreal appetizers, a cake spread from Jenna Rae Cakes…serious ambiance right here!

White and Black Wedding Flowers - Stone House Creative

Looking for a Wedding Floral and Event Designer in Winnipeg?

My 2020 waitlist has already been started, and couples interested in full event and floral design will be contacted first about their dates. I offer a limited number of dates for event design each year, in order to allow me to work closely with each couple. Combining event and floral design is the perfect option for couples who live out of town, or couples who feel they need a little extra help in creating the visual plan for their wedding day. Click this link to learn more!