2019 and 2020 Wedding Trends

Happy New Year, friends! I’m writing to you from my maternity leave :) I’ll still have fresh content coming to you every few weeks (don’t worry…I pre-scheduled it all before baby came so I’m not actually working that much right now!) - I just didn’t want to leave you hanging. I always love to start off the year with a post about the upcoming wedding trends that I see and really like.

I’ll start this off by saying that I actually really DON’T like “trends.” I’ve never really liked shopping in the trendy stores for whatever style is in that month, for the reason that I’m more of a quality over quantity person. Most of the time, things that are earmarked as “trends” are styles and ideas that are mass-marketed (meaning, everyone is going to have them and they’re not special anymore), cheaply made (why would I spend money on something that is going to go in the trash?), and will likely generate a response from you in just a few short months or years wondering “why on earth did I do that?” When it comes to your wedding, I firmly believe in quality over quantity and I never want someone to look back on their wedding and think “Why did I choose THAT for my wedding?”

So all that to say, you can feel rest assured that when I write about the trends that I see, they’re more general style movements that will have lasting power and you’re not likely to regret choosing for one of the most important days of your life. I’m also mostly concerned about trends that play into your wedding flowers or overall event design. With that said, here are some of the “trends” that I am seeing a lot of, or would like to see more of, which I think would be a beautiful addition to your 2019 or 2020 wedding!

Wedding Colour of the Year: Mauve

This is hardly surprising. We’re moving into a slightly deeper, moodier take on the most popular tone of the last few years, blush. But like blush, mauve can be interpreted in more than one way. It can read pinkier, more purple/lavender, or more taupe-like depending on what direction you want to take it - I personally see mauve more as a muddy purple tone but I know a lot of florists who see it more pink. So, just be sure to have some picture or colour swatch representation to make sure that all of your aesthetic wedding vendors are on the same page when it comes to understanding your wishes for mauve.

Favourite flowers in mauve: amnesia rose, cappuccino rose, cafe latte rose, frittillaria, roseanne brown lisianthus

Mauve pairs well with an analogous colour palette, which means a grouping of 3 colours that sit right beside each on the colour wheel. So, shades of pinks, purples, and peaches, as an example, would allow mauve to be the perfect base colour.

Honourable Mention for Colour of the Year: Orange!

Yes, I’m surprising myself when I say this, seeing as orange has always been right at the bottom of my list. But, I’m seeing more and more of it being tucked in as an accent colour to weddings, bringing a shot of vibrancy that many of my couples seem to be craving. Even more surprising, I’m finding that I don’t hate it…but actually kind of like it!

Take a look at the Marchesa gown below, shot by KT Merry for Flutter Mag - orange is not the primary colour by any stretch of the imagination, but it plays a supporting role that awakens the other tones mixed throughout the gown. I have a wedding coming up this year with a similar palette that I CANNOT wait for!

I personally like to see orange used as an accent, as I often find it too aggressive as a focal colour. It pairs beautifully with blue, red, yellow, green, and anything in the peaches to coral range.

2019 Wedding Trends - Accents of Orange

Don’t Miss Trend: Touches of the Tropics

If you follow any large-name floral and wedding designers on Instagram, I’m confident that you’ll have noticed one of the more recent trends that I’m saying you can’t miss: a touch of the tropics. I’m talking a dramatic usage of large palm leaves, ferns (both natural and bleached), and tropical flowers like anthuriums or orchids. Now, you don’t need to go all the way with a rainforest-inspired wedding (though I’m definitely not knocking that!) and you can easily work a tropical accent into a garden-inspired design.

Floral Design by  Oh Flora  (follow her for some gorgeous inspiration!), Photo by  Lana Ivanova

Floral Design by Oh Flora (follow her for some gorgeous inspiration!), Photo by Lana Ivanova

Wedding Planning by  Amorology , Floral Design by  Isa Floral

Wedding Planning by Amorology, Floral Design by Isa Floral

Floral design by  Nectar & Bloom

Floral design by Nectar & Bloom

What’s Trending in Table Decor? Floral Centrepieces!

I’m pretty pleased to see a return to more floral-heavy centrepieces in the coming year. I’m seeing fewer and fewer requests for garlands, which I have to say I’m happy about - as much as garlands are gorgeous, they get pretty repetitive for us florists. My clients are typically asking for arrangements that are low to the table, as opposed to tall ones, and sometimes asking for styles in which you can’t even see the vase. Of course, just be prepared that a floral arrangement will have a price tag on it. I typically suggest a minimum of $75 for a floral centrepiece, with most of the inspiration photos that people are bringing me from Pinterest coming in around $300 each (generally I find a $125 - $175 budget to be PERFECT).

Photo by  Laura Foote Photography , Florals by me!

Photo by Laura Foote Photography, Florals by me!

…And Coloured Candles

I’d love to see more of my clients adding depth to their tablescapes with the use of coloured candles. A subtle taupe elevates the sense of elegance in a space, a petal pink emphasizes femininity, a warm toffee adds richness, a charcoal grey feels chic and big-city. See what I mean? So much depth can be brought to your overall reception design with the simple tweak that is a coloured candle. These are always going to be more expensive than your typical white candle, but I think it’s a worthwhile investment. Some of my favourite sources for coloured candles are Yummi (which is a Canadian brand, and in my opinion, the best!), Creative Candles, and Quick Candles. The set below is from The Floral Society (they recently started selling at Anthropologie!) and I LOVE them!

Coloured Candles for Weddings - 2019 Wedding Trends

So there you have it: Some of my favourite “trends” for the 2019 and 2020 wedding season! I’d love to incorporate some of these design ideas into my work so if you see something you like, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m a believer that a design style has to be in keeping with the setting that the wedding is taking place in, so it might be tricky to tuck in bits of orange if you’re getting married in a ballroom with a burgundy palette, but let’s talk :)

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2018's Top Wedding Colours

Trying to narrow down your wedding colour palette? Maybe you've got an idea of one main tone you like or what colour you want your bridesmaids to wear, but can't decide on accent colours. Well, I'm here to help with my predictions for the top wedding colours of 2018.

Forget ultra-violet (to be honest, I don't usually like the "colour of the year" that Pantone chooses). The top wedding colours for 2018 will be all in the dusty tones. Dusty rose, mauve, cornflower blue, even a butter yellow. Here are some of my favourite go-to dusty toned flowers! 

Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is probably the most commonly requested colour I'm seeing for 2018 weddings. It's a bit deeper than the blush palettes of the past few wedding seasons, but still very much in line with the romantic trends we've been working with. The good news? For those of you want dusty rose, there are PLENTY of really good floral options. 

Above, we've got cafe latte roses (not easy to get here in Winnipeg, but the perfect unique rose gold tone when we can get them!), faith roses, and rice flower. Below, a combination of quicksand roses, rice flower, earl grey roses, and astrantia. And at the bottom, an antique toned hydrangea with a classic blush ranunculus. 

Dusty Rose Wedding Flowers - Wedding Trends for 2018


Mauve Wedding Flowers - 2018 Wedding Trends

I am seeing a LOT of mauve being used an accent colour for 2018 weddings, and my favourite go-to is the amnesia rose. It's unique and has a really one-of-a-kind colour. I can't think of anything better for mauve! 

You can also see the amnesia rose in action below on the left - it pairs gorgeously with those soft peach roses and fresh green buds on the white ranunculus. And on the right, we have fritillaria. It's a very unique shape and bloom, and to be honest, kind of smells like skunk, but they're pretty cool nonetheless!

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower blue (aka dusty light blue) is another great tone that is a beautiful accent. There aren't a lot of naturally blue flowers, so if you're wanting a lot of blues at your wedding, then I would suggest choosing a dusty blue linen to play centre stage at your reception while tucking in some of these flowers into your bouquets! On the left, we've got muscari, which is a personal favourite of mine. It's got a short stem and a small bloom so this is definitely an accent flowers, but seriously, can you get any cuter? And then in the middle, delphinium - one of my favourite natural blue flowers. You can see it working its magic in the bouquet on the right! 

Still trying to figure out your wedding colour palette? Here are some more tips: 

-I love the way that a few well-placed bold accent tones can enliven an otherwise neutral palette. Click that link to see some seriously gorgeous flowers!
-Looking for a way to modernize the traditional blush wedding palette? Pair it with peach and mauve for a modern, feminine take.
-Don't forget to take into account these 7 things you HAVE to think about when choosing your wedding colour palette
-Finally, avoid making any of these mistakes that brides make when selecting their wedding palettes!

Work with a wedding event designer who loves creative colour palettes!

Along with floral design, Stone House Creative offers full Event Design Services to a limited number of wedding clients each year. This process allows me to go deeper with you, designing beyond the flowers, to help you create a celebration that truly looks and feels like you. 

2016 Wedding Flower Trends


As I’ve been busy meeting with and booking many brides with 2016 weddings, a number of trends have emerged. I have to say that I LOVE the direction that wedding flowers are moving. Winnipeg brides, you’re so awesome! These are some of the wedding flower trends for 2016 and 2017 weddings we’re seeing, and some of the things that I want to work with more, too! 

Table Garlands:
 Whether it’s all foliage, has neutral blooms tucked in here and there, or is a loosely placed strand of flowers, I am loving seeing so many brides incorporate garlands into their tables. A garland makes an EXCELLENT statement for a head table, by the way!

Brittany Mahood Photography

Brittany Mahood Photography

Local Flowers:
 Luckily for me, I have access to a lovely local flower farm during the summer months (especially July and August) and this means that I get to play with the freshest blooms possible. It means a lot to me to be able to support a local farmer, who’s out living her dream under the sun, at the same time as I’m living mine. And, YAY for not having to kill our planet with crazy shipping of flowers from central America!

Holly Gilson Photography

Holly Gilson Photography

More Colour! 
I LOVE working with a wider colour palette, tucking in touches of pale sky blue, caramel, or raisin. If you are open to my help expanding on your hues, let me know and I will be ALL over that. In particular, I think we're going to start seeing a lot of different yellow tones.

Jeremy Hiebert Photography

Jeremy Hiebert Photography

Neutral Palettes:
On the other hand, a completely neutral palette of white and green is also very popular, especially among brides who are looking for a very organic, forest-y look. At these weddings, we’re doing a lot of mixed foliages and darker-toned greenery.

Victoria Anne Photography

Victoria Anne Photography

Lush, Looser Bouquet Shapes:
Many of my brides are asking for a more interesting bouquet shape, which I am totally on board with. I love being able to place a flower so you can see the crazy way its stem grew, and allow the flowers to look a little more like how they grew naturally. I’m also seeing a lot of brides asking for a BIG bouquet, which I will never say no to!

Kat Willson Photography

Kat Willson Photography

Creative Flower Installations:
Several brides have requested a unique spotlight of hanging flowers in some way, to create a focal point over their head table or the dance floor. There are so many possibilities here—the only thing that limits us is exactly how we can attach those flowers to the ceiling of your venue.

Simply Rosie Photography

Simply Rosie Photography

Personal Style:
Over and above all other trends, one major component to wedding flower planning that I have seen from each of my brides is their desire to have their style really show through in their floral designs (and wedding as a whole!). Gone are the days of everyone having the same bouquet but in different colours. My brides are looking for something unique, something that feels more like them. And I know from wedding planning experience that actually figuring out how to make that happen is tricky, so my best advice for you here is: log off of pinterest, and consider the things that you love in your every day life. Do have a subscription to a certain fashion magazine, or have an obsession with home decor? Pick through what it is that you love, and consider how that can be brought into your wedding.

2015 and 2016 Wedding Trends

We're a little late to talk about trends for 2015 weddings, seeing as most of you have already planned your weddings. So, we're fast-forwarding a little. But, can I take a second to say how excited I am that 2015 will be seeing some different trends than the past few years? These are going to pull over into 2016 as well, which is exciting - those of us who work in weddings every single weekend can get a little tired of doing very similar things week after week. Some of the things I'm most excited about playing with this year, and hoping to get to work on in 2016 are:

A little more colour, in refined ways. Just because we're straying from the popular blush and peach palette from the past few years doesn't mean we need to plan a circus wedding.

A lot of blue! Blues can be seriously hard to do, guys. Dyed blue flowers are one of the things in the this world that I just cannot stand, and when people think of blue weddings, this seems to be all that people do. So, I'm really excited to see the return of beautiful blue shades in weddings.

Big bouquets. I mean really, a bride's bouquet should make a statement, and I have to say that I'm incredibly excited that many more brides want to make a dramatic floral statement. Also, how good is this bouquet's shape? 

Simple, long tables. In certain venues, long tables work really well - and I just happen to love them. They really allow for closer conversation, and you can do some fun things with decor. I love the way we can go with simplistic decor - simple greenery garlands or scattered stem vases with statement blooms.

Small Wedding Centerpieces - Wedding Flower Ideas

Natural textures. Because Winnipeg is smaller, it can be tricky for us to get our hands on everything new that we want. One of those things that I'm really craving are natural textures, specifically with linen. I love the way these textures bring an organic feel to a table as opposed to feeling modern, chic or overly stuffy. I also love working with a natural colour palette - softer tones, maybe some terracotta or pottery mixed in.

Need some ideas for your wedding? Be sure to follow Stone House Creative on Pinterest if you like what you see here. I'm always on the search for interesting ideas and brainstorming how to make them my own. And if you're open to letting me do my thing, I have a list of ideas that I really want to work on!

Exploring Neutrals

I love talking about colour with brides. There are an endless array of beautiful combinations that can bring a totally different life to a wedding, and today we're looking at neutrals. Very on-trend right now, the creams/blushes/champagnes will always elicit a calming, classic feel. 

As a floral designer, what I love about this palette for weddings is the distinctly romantic and feminine air it creates. And despite the limited colour tones usually worked with, it's still a versatile colour palette - working with roses and hydrangea can make a dense, luxurious bouquet while spring apple blossoms and sweet pea will feel light and soft. That's just one reason why this classic will always be a classic!

Blush and White Wedding Bouquet - Stone House Creative
Pink Wedding Flowers - Winnipeg Wedding Florist
Organic Neutral Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
blush and white garden rose bouquet - Winnipeg Wedding Florist