Celia and Cam's Intimate, Warm Fall Wedding

I LOVE designing for intimate weddings. There's something so very special about being able to really narrow down your guest list to just the people that you love the most and who you love the most. While I couldn't do it, I certainly envy those who can! Celia and Cam are one of those couples, and their intimate, warm fall wedding was a dream.

Wedding Planner: Amanda Douglas Events | Photographer: Sugar + Soul Photography | Ceremony Venue: Leo Mol Sculpture Garden | Reception Venue: The Kitchen Sync | Linens: Dream Day Decor

Fall Wedding in Winnipeg - Winnipeg Wedding Florist

Celia is just the most adorable. She's this tiny little package of beauty and also happens to have this adorable Australian accent that you cannot get enough of. I only got to meet her in person on the day of her wedding to Cam, so I loved seeing these incredible photos from Mel at Sugar & Soul!

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Fall Wedding Bouquet - Stone House Creative

I LOVED CELIA'S FLOWERS. This palette was full of life and was the perfect way to end my busy season. Those delicate peach dahlias finished the bouquet in the very best way. Bridal Bouquet Ingredients: dahlias, mums, scabiosa, garden roses, eryngium, spray roses, blushing bride protea, and several types of eucalyptus.

Intimate Fall Wedding - Winnipeg Wedding Florists
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Leo Mol, part of Assiniboine Park, is one of the most beautiful areas in the city for a wedding ceremony. Given that they were having a fall wedding, though, we had no idea if there were still going to be any leaves on the trees to bring colour. We lucked out with literally the most gorgeous fall day! But, I still wanted to add some colour and romance to the ceremony space so I created this petal altar for them, which was on the platform where they said their vows. It was simple but made a statement.

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Assiniboine Park Wedding - Wedding Flowers in Winnipeg
Assiniboine Park Wedding - Fall Wedding in Winnipeg

This was my first time working at Kitchen Sync, which is an incredible space for smaller events. I would LOVE to do a 50 person wedding here once a month :) The stone walls are just gorgeous! 

We started off with this gorgeous escort card display. I can't tell you how much I LOVE escort cards - I'm not sure why. I think it has something to do with the luxurious feeling they create! I chose a stone vessel for this greenery arrangement and offset it with more of those gorgeous dahlias. Simple touches of feather eucalyptus lined the table!

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Kitchen Sync Wedding - Winnipeg Wedding Venue

Celia and Cam chose to do 2 different centrepiece styles, which was suggested by their wedding planner, Amanda Douglas (I love working with wedding planners!). This worked really well, as they did a combination of round and rectangular tables. On the rectangular tables, I laid out loose greenery, sort of like a viney garland, and tucked in individual blooms and candles. On the round tables, a bronze urn with low floral arrangements featuring decorative artichokes!

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Fall Wedding Centrepiece - Wedding Florist in Winnipeg

And, to finish it all off, the sweets! Since they didn't have a full cake, we didn't need to do much in the way of cake flowers, but I really loved adding the greenery and floral accents to the table and around the base of the cupcake stand.

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Fall Wedding in Winnipeg - Wedding Flowers Winnipeg
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