Trash the Dress Bouquet

It's not everyday that a bride trashes her dress - and in my mind, it should be no day that a bouquet gets trashed :) Anyways, earlier this summer the lovely Jennifer and Matt asked me to design a bouquet for their trash the dress session with kampphotography. There was a lot of rain on their actual wedding day, so they were looking forward to getting some beautiful photos without soggy weather.

Beach Wedding Photos - Winnipeg Weddings

For this bouquet, I needed to break the rules that I had made for myself. It's important to me that I always stretch and grow my skills and style, and when I started off making this bouquet it was classic and traditional. Then, I realized that I was super bored with what I had made. It was lovely and likely would have been perfect for someone else, but it just did not feel like me. So? I foraged in the back lane, popped in lavender and scabiosa from my garden, and created a much more interesting shape and colour gradation. Loved it in the end!

White and Pink Wedding bouquet - Winnipeg Wedding Florist
Garden Rose Wedding Bouquet - Stone House Creative
Pastel Purple Bridal Bouquet  Winnipeg Wedding Florist

Ingredients: Garden roses, spray roses, astilbe, local sweet pea, lavender, scabiosa and nigella.