How to Make Your Head Table A Design Focal Point

Whatever your flower and decor budget is, I think one of the best uses of that money is through incorporating major focal points throughout your event design - and an easy one is your head table! Since everyone’s eyes will naturally flick to your head table or sweetheart table throughout the evening anyways, you might as well make it the centrepiece of the entire reception.

An added benefit of creating a design focal point is that when one area stands out, you can scale back in other areas. So, if you’re working with a limited budget, adding more drama to your head table may allow you to cut back on the centrepieces.

I’ve got some real cool head table designs in the works for 2019 weddings - can’t wait to show them off! Dream catchers, neon flowers, greenery accents…all sorts of great stuff.

Here are a few ideas!

Hanging Floral Installations

You know I love a hanging floral installation, though of course whether or not you can incorporate this design style depends completely on your venue. Most venues in Winnipeg don’t actually have a way for us to hang anything behind the head table BUT there are a few that do have this capacity, and I love to do it up! I particularly love this style because I think it looks amazing in photos - I love seeing those shots of the couples kissing underneath it :)

Low Floral Arrangements

It’s never a bad idea to keep the design low to the table, as long as there is enough texture and movement throughout the entire piece. Whether it’s one centralized arrangement or several low but full floral arrangements spaced along the table, you make a major statement. I personally prefer more floral-heavy designs (obviously) but a greenery garland is a great way to go, too!

Floral Backdrop

There are multiple ways you could go about a floral backdrop - tall pieces behind you, individual hanging pieces or strands of flowers, or a full-on floral wall.

Hanging Flower Strands - Winnipeg Wedding Florists

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