White and Copper Winter Wedding Flower Inspiration

Oookayyy. You know I love colour. A jewel or berry-toned wedding palette gives me heart palpitations. But this white and copper palette? It's amazing for a neutral-loving bride, totally luxurious, and perfect for a winter wedding.

As featured on Host Winnipeg.

Creative Direction & Styling: Host Winnipeg | Photos: Janine Kropla | Venue, Tabletop Items and Furniture: Hut K

Winnipeg Winter Weddings - Stone House Creative
White and Copper Winter Wedding Flower Inspiration - Wedding Florist Winnipeg

Floral Ingredients: Peonies, amaryllis, tulips, ginestra, magnolia leaves, copper beach, and israeli ruscus, and navy privet berries. I LOVED using this amaryllis - it's a winter flower, and creates an obvious focal point any time it's used thanks to the large, star-shaped blooms. Aren't they gorgeous?

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