Planning a 2020 wedding? Get on the waitlist now!
2019 wedding dates are nearly full, with limited availability in September, October, and December 2019.
I will begin booking 2020 weddings in spring 2019.

“Your creativity, passion, and dedication is so evident in your work and it was an amazing experience to be one of your brides.” - Alli,
Alli Mae Fresh Events

Megan Steen Photography

Megan Steen Photography

Stone House Creative is the floral designer of choice for many of Winnipeg’s top wedding professionals’ own weddings! Let’s set up a meeting and I’ll show you why Winnipeg’s wedding planners, photographers, makeup artists and more choose not only to refer me to their loved ones, but hire me for their own weddings and special events.


Lauren will be on maternity leave from December 2018 through March 2019. I recognize with gratitude how much of a blessing this dedicated time with the baby will be, and am so happy that even as a self-employed person, I’ll be able to take this time off. During this time I will not be responding to any emails. I will begin limited office hours in April and swinging back into work mostly full time in May!


My waitlist for 2020 wedding dates is already open! If you wish to have your wedding date placed on the list, please email me directly to with the subject line “2020 WAIT LIST - your wedding date” so I can make sure to pop you onto my list efficiently during the limited windows of time I’ll have while baby naps.

In the body of your email, please include the following details: date of wedding, wedding venue locations, your email address and phone number, the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen you anticipate, your estimated guest count, your estimated wedding flower budget, whether you are interested in floral design only OR if you’re interested in adding on Event Design services as well, along with some details about your vision and ideas for the wedding! If you have a Pinterest board, you can include this link here as well.

You will be contacted in April/May to set up your complimentary floral appointment so we can begin the proposal process! I’m so excited to hear more about your wedding and dream up some amazing florals for you!